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  1. Love it love it love!!! well done, where's mine?

  2. Thank you Chelsea. LOL! To get a buzzing photo you have to purchase or win a tee. Who knows what the future holds for you. Hope to see the smiling bee-utiful faces of your daughter or you one day on my wall♥ {HUGS}

  3. Great designs! Your portfolio is coming along nicely! I need to figure out a design for you to make for me, or someone I know. (We artists got to support each other;)

  4. Thank you Wilma Jean. Let me know if you come up with something. Or tell me what you're thinking & maybe I can come up with something for you. Stay tuned for the new collection coming soon!

  5. I have so much pride in wearing your designs; always get nice compliments - no orders, nice compliments, smile. You are truly artistic with your portfolio and I look forward in promoting your business greater in 2013. Keep up the good work. Auntie P.

    1. Thank you for your kind words & encouragement Aunt Pat! Much ♥ always♥

  6. Look at Kenya rocking the shirt! These are all great. :)


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