Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Brand New Set Of Wings

My artwork was nothing to write home about in the beginning of my artistic journey.  In fact, it often left me wondering why I wanted to pursue something that I clearly wasn't very good at.  However, I discovered something about myself each, and every time I picked up a paintbrush, pencil, or crayon.  I realized that I was my BEST SELF when engaged in art.  Art quickly grew to become the love of my life, my food, my drink...my air.  

I love my work, and feel so blessed to do what I do!  Very fortunate I am.  Yet, like quite a few artists I haven't found my stylistic niche'.  As an self taught artist I'm always rediscovering myself, trying to find my own sense of style.  As of right now, art for me is more of a spiritual experience.  It's soothes my soul & releases my inhibitions.  It gives me a platform to express myself freely.  Art is my passion.  It's buried deep in my soul.  Unlike humans art is kind, has no judgement, and can never be wrong.  Art is my expression of gratefulness to God.  To one day become a great artist is my dream, my heart, my goal.

I wanted to connect more with my audience on Facebook by sharing my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.  So, in January 2014 I came up with  "#ThrowbackThursday ~ Reflections of My Art & Soul", a tidbit status post about my journey as an self-taught artist, posted on Thursday's only.  Since art has and continues to be the main outlet to express myself I decided that "Reflections of My Art & Soul" would be the perfect name for my blog as well.  

Below is a pic of the pillow design "Freedom Wings" that was also inspired by my soul searching reflections. This design started the ball rolling on a lot of stuff I still have to share.  Stay tuned... 
As far as finding my signature style goes...well this is what I concluded...
I am a self taught artist who enjoys being totally free to create from my imagination without limitations.  Allowing the creator to create through me as he does with all artists I believe. I bring new visions to the world of fantasy and imaginary places. 
And, little by little, from my paint brush...a soul...an image... a piece of art emerges.

Until next time...peace and blessings ♥ 


Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are! www.tee-iabodesigns.com


This pillow design "Freedom Wings" was inspired by FB tidbit posts "Reflections of My Art & Soul."

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

...And She Returns!

Hello everyone!  After a long, and much needed break I am returning to Blog World!  Probably lost most of my followers, but it's okay...no worries here.  Health & wellness comes first always in my book.  Just spruced up my blogging space & am raring to go!

I have lots of stuff to share with you all.  A lot of exciting things have happened in my world since I blogged last.  I'll be sharing all the highlights little by little.  The #1 thing  I'm still reeling over, for the simple fact that it's still so surreal is about my 1st born graduating High School and now attending college. Yep!  One of my young has left the nest.  Isaiah is attending Kutztown, University located in Pennsylvania right outside of Reading, Pennsylvania.  He is doing well I must say.  However, he is struggling a bit with being away from home and inter-mixing with other students from different backgrounds. I know this to be true because he's been home 4x's already including Thanksgiving.  Right now, college life for him is kinda like dipping your feet in the pool, testing the water before taking the plunge. lol  He'll be fine though. It's all apart of being a freshman. 

Seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms.  Time waits for no man or woman.  Below are a few pics of  us celebrating Isaiah' milestone.  Also, attached is a note I wrote to him on graduation day.  
Until next time...peace & blessings    


Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are! www.tee-iabodesigns.com


***A Note For My Son...
Today is your graduation party! The final note in this chapter. I know that you will go far in this life, you deserve the best this world can give you, and I know that you will get it. Even though I have to let go, and allow you to discover the world on your own, please know that I'll be there anytime, any place, and anywhere if you need me. You are my heart and soul which I love very much. Thank you for what will soon be on July 8th the best 18 years of my life.

Love you
Isaiah & Sierra Jones...my greatest Artwork ever ~ SMJ
Senior Prom
Graduation Day!

Graduation Party Cake

Mother & Son Dance At Grad Party

College Dorm Move-in Day!  At Kutztown University!

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