Friday, December 27, 2013


Ditto means

“I love you”

Hey, it's me Sierra Ilyia Jones writing to you, daughter of Sonya M. Jones.  Mother is taking a break, spending quality time with the Hubby.  I know all of you have read about me in one way or another because my mom just LOVES to write about her children.  (yay...)  But, now it is my turn to write about her because, well she is crazy, and I love her. 

I'm not going to sit here and, tell you all that my mother is perfect because lying is a sin.  Also, I don't want to have to go to church, and enter a confessional when I am finished this blog post.  Our relationship, if i had to put it in one word, is "quirky."  My mother is the weirdest mother I know.  I do not know of any mother that sits on their children, when they are sitting on the couch trying to watch their shows.  Also, I do not know of any other mother that says "Ditto" with a smile slapped across her face when their child says "I love you, mom."   My mom is anything but ordinary. 

My mom is funny, smart, and very very awesome.  However, she is also EMBARRASSING!!!!   I want to run away whenever she starts dancing like Beyonce.   Whether it's in public or in the privacy of our own home.  I mean really, come on...if you have ever seen the movie "HITCH" you'd know I'm telling the truth, that she should live in the neighborhood of arms by your waist at ninety degrees and stepping back and forth.  No fancy moves necessary!

But, I guess my mom has the right to act silly, and embarrass me once in a while because all I do is bug her.  I'm not going to lie...I live for bugging my mother, it's very fun.  I love to lay on her bed because I know that it makes her itch a little bit.  I plop right on there, and she says "Sierra, I just made that bed, why are you on it?"  Then I reply with a simple, "Because mother, it's soft."  I also like to come over whenever she is drinking wine.  I call her by her nickname that I came up with especially for her, and she tells me "I need a glass of wine after your bugging me."  I also love to tell my mother occasionally that I will put her in a home whenever she starts to bug me.  I tell her specifically, "See mother, this is why you are going in a home."  Or, "I'm going to remember that mother, whenever you're old and need somewhere to live.  Yeah, you're going in a home."

But despite our differences (our many, many differences), I do love my mom.  I love her special hugs when she holds on tight, and won't let go (even whenever it's long overdue.)  I love whenever she says that I can have my friends over especially my redhead, Natalya.  I love her "LOL", which stands for layers of love.  I love the way that she says "Ditto" to my "I love you, mom."  I love our relationship.  She may not be the perfect mother to anyone else but I can tell you this, I would not trade her in for anyone or anything. 

In the words of my mother...Until next time...peace, and blessings

Mother and I

My redhead friend.  Natalya, and I.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Moment Of Silence...

Well, I had a blog post ready to share today, but as circumstances would have it I'll have to share it later.  My hubby's grandma who was under our care, her spirit passed on to the heavens above early this morning.  There will be a moment of silence on my blog for a little while as I am helping my husband with preparations to lay his grandmother to rest. 

Ana Luz Danois had a long, loving, beautiful life.  92 years young to be exact!  Her beauty, grace, and love touched the hearts of many.  My  hubby's grandma, as with many (I daresay most) women, went through her life, fulfilling her perceived duties as a wife, a mother, a member of her church etc. without ever really celebrating her own uniqueness and grace.  She gave of herself in so many ways, sacrificing personal comforts in order to ensure that others had them...whether it was for her children, grandchildren, or the church which she would always contribute.  She always gave, asking for nothing in return.  So, today we will not mourn her death, but instead shed tears in remembrance of happy memories, and celebrate her life.   Ana Luz Danois ~ July 9, 1921 - December 11, 2013

Until next time...peace & blessings

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Cheer!

Sleigh bells ringggggggg...are you listening?  In the lannnnne, snow is glistening.  It's a beautiful sight, I'm happy tonight...but I'm NOT looking at a winter wonderland.  Phooey! 

It's December 4th, and in my neck of the woods Fall has decided to come back.  This is definitely pneumonia weather.  I'm thoroughly convinced mother nature is menopausal!  Anyway, I'm so in the spirit for the holidays this year.  I really have no idea why I feel so festive, but I do.  Another thing that has me so giddy is that babies are popping up every in my family.  
Babies are us in miniature form.  We look at their tiny features and their chubby little bodies and we can't help but smile.  Interacting with a baby can be truly miraculous.  We've celebrated 4 births total within the last 7 months.  Little blessings...

Out of those four births I'm excited to say that I now have a girl & boy that will will be modeling my baby line.  So excited!  Just recently, Tashell who is my 3rd cousin modeled  "Irises in Bloom."  What can I say...simply adorable!  My boy model, Kaidi is not quite ready yet.  He was just born 2 weeks ago.  However, he was a whopping 9.5 lbs!  He will be modeling very soon!

Also, I just designed my very 1st business  holiday card!  Super silly syked!  Designed it & made prints.  Loved the way it turned out!  It's included in the pics below, but of course you'll have to be a customer to know what it says on the inside.  :)  Maybe,  the reason for my extreme happiness is too brace me for my teary eyed journey when my 1st son...Isaiah Louis Jones, graduates high school.  Sigh...I love milestones, but not when they're tear jerkers.  2014, which is exactly:

from now,  I will be preparing for one of the biggest milestones to date!  My son's high school graduation!  Stay tuned for his "Last Time Around" senior moment's posts.  Just did his last H.S. football game video.  Bittersweet... :'}   Until next time...peace & blessings

My 1st girl baby model ~ Tashell, modeling "Irises in Bloom" by Tee-iabo Designs

1st business holiday card!

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