Tuesday, November 12, 2013

R and R In The DR...Dominican Republic Vacay Part II!

As promised, posting part II of our family vacation in the Dominican Republic.  Day 1 was mainly traveling and seeing the DR for the first time.  Those were the pics I posted in part IDay 2 was a lot of relaxing, exploring our little island area, and the beach.

Beach view...

Beautiful sunsets....

Collected sand dollars along the beach.  Unfortunately, they broke in my luggage on our trip back to the states.  :(

I wish I would have taken photos of all the food on our trip.  It was all soooooooooo good!  We found a restaurant shack  on the beach that served lobster, and grilled red snapper...YUM! 

Isaiah holding one of the many different types of lobsters that lived in the DR waters.  Yes, it was alive...yikes! 

Restaurant owner holding up the fish we selected for lunch.

 Fish cooking...

 We decided to take a break from being beach bums.  Went out this night to eat & enjoy the night life.

Sierra & I

 Isaiah, Hubby, Sierra, Hubby's Cousin & Me.

The group of friends we vacationed with.

This crazy group of people wanted to climb a mountain to go see the waterfall.  Nothing wrong with that except these little ass horses were going to take us to the top of that mountain on a Extremely ROCKY Trail!   Uhhhhhh...correction take them up the mountain because moi was not going!  These horses looked like they were 2 steps shy from being miniature ponies!  I watched from afar & prayed.

Hubby, Sierra, & Isaiah.

 The waterfall...

At the bottom of the waterfall.  Sierra & friend Triston

The entire group minus moi.  Chicken Little watched safely from the ground. 

The work crew that made our vacation enjoyable.  Our 2 chef's who cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday along with the cleaning crew who made sure we had everything we needed.  I was so spoiled...I needed a week to recoup from not working.  lol  They were awesome! 

Hubby thanking them & presenting with a nice gratuity for a job well-done.  

Weather was great, food was good, drinks were yummy, the ocean was inviting.
 We each had a ton of these the whole time... 

Pina Coladas

Presidente! What a fantastic beer...

I sure miss this view...

Until next time...peace & blessings



  1. It does look like a fabulous vacay! And that waterfall is fabulous! Not sure I'd have wanted to ride the little horses either, but I probably would have... hahaha.

    Sorry your sand dollars broke, I hate when stuff like that happens. :/

    This vacay looks fab-u-lous!

    1. It was a wonderful time Rosey! You would have been a brave soul for doing so. Maybe, not if you would have seen the mountain trail. lol :o

  2. Nice! If Christopher had gone on the little horse up the mountain than I would have had to go too. ;-) You are brave for being the only one to chicken out. LOL!

    1. Girl, I took one look at that mountain trail & those wanna-be-horses, and went straight into panic mode. LOL!

  3. Awesome pictures. I enjoyed part I as well. I'm so jealous, but also happy that you got to go on vacation. "Wanna be horses.....too funny. You know you should have gone up to see that waterfall!

    1. Vanessa I had so much fun. Relaxation...exactly what the doctor ordered. The only way I was going to see that waterfall is if it came up to meet me. lol


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