Tuesday, November 5, 2013

R and R In The DR...Dominican Republic Vacay Part 1!

Over the summer I announced that my family & I were going on vacation.  Actually it was the last post I made before taking a 3 month hiatus from blogging.  We had a wonderful time!  After a long, sunny week road-tripping around the Dominican Republic, I feel like I barely scratched the surface of this multifaceted, diverse and complex Caribbean island.  I enjoyed the trip tremendously and  found the Dominican Republic to be an incredible mix of modern luxuries, rich history and unbearable poverty.  

We had the opportunity to rent a car & drive from Santo Domingo to our villa resort Playa Las Terrenas.  Driving in the DR can be a real challenge to say the least!  I thought hubby was going to have a heart attack before we reached our destination.  They don't seem to have any traffic laws at ALL!  Ultra- defensive driving it a must!  The 3 hour road trip to the villa exposed us to some of the most beautiful views of lush nature and hard to bare poverty stricken villages with colorful houses.  I saw what real poverty looks like 1st hand, and saw the difference that hope can make in the midst of even the darkest circumstances.  It challenged me to want to do more.  It made me realize all the things I take for granted, such as clean drinking water straight from the tap.

Throughout our trip we met some of the sweetest, most helpful and good-natured people ever.  The beaches were pristine and beautiful.  The sand is so white and soft, you sink right in!  Food & drinks were awesome!  The people were always smiling and happy.  They sure know how to dance too! :)   Music is a very important aspect in the lives of the Dominicans.  In every building, and in the streets you hear the popular Meringue, Hatchback or Salsa.  People start dancing as soon as they hear the first notes, it doesn’t matter were you are.

 Here are some photos I took throughout the trip.  Look out for pics of part 2!  Enjoy...and until next time...peace & blessings

 Just arrived in DR.  We stayed in a hotel for the night & drove to our villa in the morning.  This was our view from the window.

Next morning...driving to the villa.  DR highway.

We saw lots of cargo trucks with boys & men riding on the back, top or side.  Safety 1st is not an option.

Colorful store front shacks.

 Pesos, pesos and more pesos...money of the country!

Our villa!  Playa Las Terrenas!  We shared this with 4 other families.  It was like the movie grown-ups. Each family had their own rooms including the children, and we shared the main house.  11 bedrooms, 12 baths, huge kitchen, family area, pool, and only 20 steps to the beach.  Yes, I counted the steps!

Our beach from one of the bedrooms in the villa.

Sierra & Isaiah getting to know one of many beach dogs, which they named Rufus for the week.   I guess the next vacationers will name him something else.  Lifestyle of a DR beach dog...go figure.

Just me...enjoying some much needed R & R.


While driving in Dominican Republic is chaotic to say the least, their roads in-between major cities are surprisingly reliable.  No pot holes, wide enough, and when you get pulled over by a cop there is nothing 20 bucks can’t handle.  We drove into the capital, Santo Domingo, with no map and no clue where we were going.  When two Latin men arrive into a Latin country there are two priorities:  salsa club & food.  So once we eventually found the center of the city and a club our hips were moving faster than the speed of light. - See more at: http://wanderingtrader.com/travel-blog/driving-in-the-dominican-republic/#sthash.SpIWoOrS.dpuf
Like most Latin American countries, Dominican Republic can get rather dangerous is some areas.  It is definitely not advisable to get to the island with no hotel reservations or drive into the capital with no map and not the slightest of clue of where you’re going, did I mention it was 2am when our flight arrived?  Well ladies and gentlemen, that was our plan and here is how it went.  I would like to introduce you to “The Great Dominican Road Trip”: - See more at: http://wanderingtrader.com/travel-blog/driving-in-the-dominican-republic/#sthash.SpIWoOrS.dpuf


  1. A beach 20 steps from the hotel room would have me dancing! And I can't dance. :)

    Glad you have a fabulous trip. The pics look great!!

  2. wow..it looks beautiful....now i wanna go!

  3. The Islanders may not be rich but they all know how to relax and enjoy life. Looks like you had a lovely vacation. And what a lovely beach !!!

    1. They sure do! They are rich in their hearts & lives. The beach was awesome. I was so spoiled that it was hard to get back in routine when we returned.

  4. It's weird how this post is like Deja-vu. I thought you already blogged it. LOL! But not all of it - you didn't tell us about Rufus. Love how close you were to the beach!

    1. LOL! No, I never posted this here or on FB. I inboxed you & Antoinette from DR w/a few of these pics.


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