Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taking "5" To Blog!

This is going to be a quick post because summer vacation has officially begun in the Jones household.  The Rugrats are on school break for the summer & if they think about having nothing to do for longer than a minute they're bored.  So, as I put on yet another hat (Ms. Entertainment) blogging will have to be on a "Please Stand By" basis.  

Show & Tell is usually on Friday's, but Saturday will have to do.  I'm going to fast forward a little bit because I want to show you all my latest work.  I'll backtrack to show previous stuff next time.  Lately, I've been experimenting with canvas art.  First up was a tote bag, which was what I was painting in the Vlog I posted about 2 weeks ago.  Since it turned out so nicely I decided to advance to a framed canvas.  It was a little challenging I must say, but for a 1st timer I think I did a pretty good job.  There aren't any Tee-iabo Designs symbols on these pieces because the artwork speaks for itself. 

Greek 4 Life

Sistas w/spirals rock

I also wanted to share a few pics of Sierra's 8th grade dance.  Can't believe my baby is going to be a high schooler next year!  I took Sierra to get her 1st pedi, and I created a monster.  She is undoubtedly hooked.  The chair & foot massage did it!  She was ready to make another appt. before her manicure was complete.  Humph! @30.00 a pop girlfriend better get a job!  Definitely will be tagging this as a treat when earned only type of thing.  Unlike my son Sierra's dance ran smoothly no glitches. :)  Hope you like the pics.  Until next time...peace & blessings   

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crazy Mom Did Not Mess Up My Son's Prom!

YAY!!!  I have a little bit of time on my hands to play blog post catch up! 
So, I'll share my story about Isaiah's Junior Prom, which was about a month ago.  

When it comes to my son nothing goes over smoothly.  There's ALWAYS a glitch in his program.  Although, I must say this time it was not his fault.  I began inquiring 2 months before prom about where it was going to be, the date, the time, and how was he going to get there.  Isaiah decided he wanted to wear his Big Man Pants, and take care of planning everything for him & his date.  Now, I'm the type of parent that will give her children some room to tryout their wings and fly.  I won't intervene either, not until I deem it absolutely necessary.  Well, I tell you my son really showed his "A" game!  He knew where & when to get his tux.  Even had a coupon for 25% off!  Isaiah set up a ride with another couple, we checked with the young man's parent's to make sure it was okay that he & his date ride with them.  The boy even knew where he was going to get his date's corsage from.  WOW!!!  Everything was set until....

The NIGHT before the prom the young man who Isaiah and his date were suppose to be riding with, mother called to speak with me.  

Her:  Hi, I understand Isaiah and his date are riding to the prom with my son and his date.

Me:  Yes.

Her:  Do you know where the prom is going to be held at?

Me:  Yes.  The Dupont Country Club.

Her:  Well, I'm just finding this info out.  I thought it was going to be held at the HS school. Are you okay, with Isaiah driving with my son that far?  (total break down of communication here between her & her child.  Also, I spoke with her a month ago to verify that her son would be driving.  Totally thought she was aware of everything.)

Me:  Yes.  Is there a problem?

Her:  Well, my husband and I have conflicting views about the situation.  Can I call you back?

Me:  Sure.

15 minutes later...

Her:  Hi Sonya, I just wanted to tell you my husband & I talked, and we are not comfortable with our son driving that far.  So, you are going to have to find another way for Isaiah to get to the prom.

Really!!!!  She just threw me out into the ocean without a lifesaver.  She waited until the night before prom to drop this bombshell.  ...And did not offer a solution.  Just said "okay, goodbye", and hung up.  Humph!  Needless, to say I was up at 6:00 a.m. the day of prom trying to find a ride for my son & his date.  I told my son worst case scenario either me or Dad was going to have to drive them.  He was horrified!  To be seen arriving to prom with your parents obviously is not a good thing.   God was really shining down on us that day because between my husband & I calling around town we were able to find a Lincoln Town Car to rent for the night.  But, you will never in a thousand years guess what happened next!  Isaiah's friend...the kid who was suppose to be driving them to prom...his Mom calls me while I'm in route to pick up the corsage for Isaiah's date.  She heard we got Isaiah a ride to prom & wanted to know if her son & his date could ride too.  "I'll pay" she said.  Oh, wait a minute!!!  You just kicked my son & his date to the curb, didn't care how or if they were getting to the prom.  Now you want me to show a bit of kindness to your problem.  When you did not show any for the predicament you put me in.  Talk about gall & audacity!!!!  I told her in so many words hell to the N-O!!!!

Anyways...despite the glitch, my son's prom turned out just beautiful.  Check out the few pics below.  Until next time...peace & blessings


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