Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Jay Bird Mafia!

Around our parts, Blue Jays rule the roost.  Blue Jays although pretty, can be nasty blue-headed bullies.  However, the truth of the matter is these birds are pretty smart for having a bird brain.  From a mother's point of view, I can't help but think that somewhere along the evolutionary chain, mama Blue Jays were made into an image of a great mom.  

Every spring, Blue Jays, which I have respectfully renamed the Blue Jay Mafia, take over our neighborhood mailboxes & trees.  From late April until about mid June us home owners have to walk with guarded caution in fear of getting dive bombed by these aggressive little critters.  Except for me that is...for I have learned how to deal with these pint size bullies.  It all started when...

Two springs ago, mama Blue Jay aka Elle Driver decided to make a nest in the mailbox across the street from ours.  This is also where my children use to wait for the school bus in the morning & get dropped off in the afternoon.  Everyday for two weeks my two children would come running into the house saying that the birds were attacking them.  I blew them off...believing they were exaggerating.  This was due to the fact that when I went outside to walk the dog or exercise no birds ever bothered me.  Finally, the out spoken one said (my daughter),  "MOM, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  THAT BIRD ALMOST BIT MY FACE OFF!"   So, I decided to investigate the matter.  For two mornings I watched as...

Scoop the lookout perched his self on top of the stop sign which faces the side of our house.  As soon as my children would come outside he would start chirping away. 

Then the Tattletale aka Mrs. Kravis (from the show Bewitched) would let out a shriek that sounded like "Jaaaaaaaaay!  JaaaaaaaY! 

Then Elle Driver aka Mama Blue Jay would come out of no where swooping down like a 747 jet aiming for my children's heads.  Well, you know this meant war!  No bully birds were going to keep terrorizing my babies.

Now, I know Elle Driver was instinctively protecting her babies, so I asked the bus driver if she would pick up and drop the kids off further down the block.  You would have thought this would have solved the issue.  NOT!   By week 4 it was getting to the point that my children wouldn't even be out of the garage door good, and here came Elle in full attack mode.  Like a mama hawk!  So, I decided it was time to teach Elle, and her cronies a lesson.  I waited until after 3:00 in the afternoon when I knew Elle and her gang would be searching for dinner before settling in for the evening.  I got in my car, drove up to the mailbox, and parked right in front of it.  Sure enough Elle came flying over squawking like a bird gone mad!  Poor Elle...she was about to lose her freaking mind because I was sitting there, blocking the entrance to her babies.  I had flipped the script...terrorizing her the way she and her cronies had been doing to my children for weeks.   I sat there for about 2 min, then circled around the cul-de-sac, and parked my car back into the garage.  When I came outside Elle was perched on top of the mailbox post.  Boy, she was GLARING at me.  Now, I don't want to get all Alfred Hitchcock Bird movie here but, if looks could kill...  Well, I glared right back at her for a good 10 seconds or so.  Then I stuck my neck out, pointed my finger at her, waved it around, and said "Now look!  This ends now!  If you leave my babies alone, I'll leave your babies alone.  Is that understood?"  Then I turned on my heels, and went into the house.  She must have fully understood because....

the next morning I didn't have a problem out of Elle Driver.  Scoop still chirped, and Mrs. Kravis still screeched Jaaaaaaay...JaaaaaaaaY, but Elle did not come swooping down like a 747 jet.  Instead, she flew straight into her mailbox nest, and went inside.  Once inside she came to the entrance of the mailbox, peeked out as if to say truce.  We had come to a parental understanding.  I didn't have anymore problems out of Elle or any other Blue Jay mamas after that.  Elle's eggs hatched, and guess what?   She even let me get close enough to look at her peeps, and take a pic!  Priceless!  Until next time...peace and blessings♥  

Take at look @Elle's babies below ↓


  1. LOL!!! I love this story & it was definitely worth waiting for, too!

  2. Ah ... she creates art with words as well as with fabric and paint. :-) Delightful story -- nobody should EVER mess with Mama's babies!

    1. Aww...thank you so much David! That's right...I'm like a mama pit bull when it comes to my children. lol

  3. What a perfect, hilarious story!! Love this!!

  4. What a cute story! Great pictures, too.

  5. Awwww, this was cute. My mom is going to love this post. I just sent her the link. She loves birds and makes stories up and names for them. One time that I was home for the weekend, she and the pizza delivery guy got swooped on by a mama. LOL!

  6. LOL! Thank you Kenya...thanks for sharing with your Mom too.


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