Friday, May 3, 2013

25 random things about moi'...Believe it or Not!

Oh, Winnie the Pooh would say.  I can't seem to keep up with my blogging.  There's just too much stuff going on.  Life is coming at me at 180 mph, and is stopping for a brief moment to allow me to gas up.  I really want to apologize for not getting around to read my favorite bloggers posts for the last two weeks or so.  My goal is to resume my regular schedule next week.  So, hopefully I will be blog hopping again soon.   

This post in particular is supposed to be about my Blue Jay fiasco I know, but I haven't finished writing it yet.  So, I thought it would be fun to tell you a few things about little ole' me instead.  Well, nix the little part...medium perhaps. 

 25 Random Things That ONLY My Mother Knew About Me (And Now You Do):

  1. I cry during movies, and sometimes commercials.
  2. Born & raised New Yorker, but I the Dallas Cowboys...not the NY Giants!
  3.  I Charlotte, North Carolina.  Best city ever!
  4. I can be a real bitch (trust me, no one knew this more than my mother.)
  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday next to Christmas...oh, and my bday (Nov. 25th which is an official holiday by the way.)
  6. I’m a Sagittarius #teamsag!! And very proud!
  7. I refuse to get a tattoo.  Giving birth was enough pain for me thank you very much.
  8. I’m addicted to chocolate more specifically GHIRARDELLI.
  9. I have a degree in business management, but art & music are my 1st loves.  Hair styling is my 2nd.
  10. I am scared to death fish heads!  I like to eat fish not meet it.
  11. I learned to drive at 23.  Only because my mother made me.  Seriously, who needs a car in New York? 
  12. I was born in New York, but the only New York sports team I like are the Yankees (baseball.)  My husband still wonders how he married a traitor.
  13. I can draw & paint my butt off, but can't frost a cake worth a damn.  
  14. My best friend lives in Baltimore, Maryland.  WARNING: when we are together it’s insane.  Ask anyone, you’ll need to be prepared for crazy! 
  15. I want to be skinny, but I love to eat too much, and I wine.
  16. I try to cut out eating sweets for a month at least twice a year.  Helps my fluff not to expand.
  17. I love to sing, and dance in front of the mirror.  Partying by myself is a big high. 
  18. My first kiss was not magical.  Felt more like being slobbered by a Great Dane. forward on that memory!
  19. I only drink coffee, tea, water, wine, and beer … mostly water and wine
  20. I am in love with my hair and want it to look like Carol's the owner of Carol's Daughter hair/skin beauty line.
  21. I want a boob reduction!  A high "C" cup would suit me fine.
  22. I talk to myself a lot...I don't answer back though.  That would make me certifiable I know. 
  23. I got my first gray hair right before I turned 30-I cried
  24. I have the BEST stories! They all require wine, but if you only knew… 
  25. I use to have a mad crush on British singer Boy George!  Okay, I'm weird...don't judge me.    
Until next time...peace and blessings 


  1. This is a great list!
    As for need to be a braggart, lol. Every woman in my family got 'em, including my daughter, but not me. >:/

    Busy is good, and so is a break from blogging once in awhile. Helps to keep it fresh. :)

    1. LOL! Going from a 36C to 38DD after children is insane! Hey, I'm just glad I don't have to go to a specialty store for my bras. I would totally just die then.

  2. wow.... I'm exhausted and I knew this stuff about you cuzzo...especially#2-#3 and #12 ugggg!
    lol@#18..and You do@#24!! Love you "funny girl" Peace and double blessings!

  3. I seriously said EWWW to #18 and #25. LOL!!! I think some of these are Sag traits - 1, 17, 22! Then we just plain have some things in common - #10 FO SHO!

    1. I don't know what my fetish was with Boy George. Maybe it was because his make-up was flawless. LOL! We do have a lot of stuff in common my Sagg friend. :)

  4. #10 cracked me up: ) I don't care if it HAD a head, but when it comes to the table, it better be gone! And umm... YAY YANKEES!!! YAY COWBOYS!!!

    I love this list idea #thinking

    1. LOL! I totally relate! Girl, we went to an Indonesian restaurant one time & they are BIG on severing the fish whole. At the time I did not know this. When the waiter brought our meals to the table I took one look at mine & screamed to the high heavens. You could hear a pen drop when I was asked "Ma'am what's wrong?" I could barely get the words out...The head, the head was all I could manage to say. Folks starting cracking up!

  5. I share 1, 17 and 22 with maybe thosevARE Sag traits. November 26th here :)

    1. I think they are. Ah, my aunt's birthday is on the 26th too. What a coincidence.

  6. Dallas Cowboys???? OMG! A Yankee fan and a Cowboy fan, that's un-natural! Seriously the only thing worse is if you were a Sox fan! Now wonder you talk to yourself LOL! You're supposed to be a Yankee, Giant and Ranger fan....that's the NY rules girl!!

    I'm with you on the wine and the boobs mine are way to big and started heading south long before I moved to Virginia if ya know what I mean :)

    I have family in Charlotte and think it's nice too. However the way the streets turn and the names change willy-nilly really drives me nuts. After 25 years of visiting I have it down but seriously whoever laid some of those areas outside down town must have been on drugs!

  7. LOL! I know, I know...but, I've loved the Cowboys since I was 12yrs old. Even wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader....Big Dreams! lol Charlotte's street & road layouts are a bit screwy I have to admit. Most times the folks that live there can't find their way around. o_O Go figure!

  8. I can truly relate to the race of trying to keep up with blogging. Sometimes life gets a little crazy and demands our full attention and a lot of "other" things just have to take a back seat. Family and life are our first priorities. :)
    Really enjoyed reading your list of 25 things about you - and as for #22 - heck I talk to myself all the time - seems like I'm the only person around who listens to what I have to say. :D

  9. This was a great way to get to know you better. Number 13 is funny. You're daughter seems to have picked up the dancing and singing trait. I was a tried and true Dallas fan. That was a little tough considering I grew up in the Washington DC area. Couldn't stand the Redskins. Thanks for sharing.


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