Friday, April 12, 2013

Show and Tell #5 ~ Playing catch-up!

I'm a little behind in my blog postings.  I wanted to share at least two before today's show & tell, but like the bees in spring time I've been super duper busy.  So, I'm going to combine two posts right now because my other post needs to stand alone.   Title: Here we go again...Blue Jay Mafia!  You would be correct to assume it's about Blue Jays...not the baseball team, but those crazy a$$ birds.

Okay, so spring break was two weeks ago for us & for the most part we had fun.  Spending time together as a family going to the movies, mall, day trip to New York, and visiting farmers market's.  The 1st day of spring break my daughter Sierra made a Vlog.  A Vlog is a video blog post.  She's really into making these lately & shares them with her friends.  This one I'm sharing I thought was particularity funny.

Take a LOOK below:

That was thing to VERY 1st  Vendor Event Review!  You all will be glad to know I did not let my nerves take over last Saturday.  After recovering from the jaw dropping shock of NOT being notified that the venue & time of the event had been changed, nerves took a back seat.  Coupled with the fact that both my cousin & I were functioning off of 3hrs sleep, the emotion of frustration quickly took over.  The event ended up being held at the Radisson hotel in Camp Hill, PA, and the time was changed from what was originally suppose to be 11am-6pm to...get this... 6pm - 11pm.  Yep, lost the prime time shopping hrs. & potential customers.  Would an email, phone call, or even a sign posted at the old venue have been to much to ask for?  Mind you very few people were notified of these changes.  To say they were upset would be an understatement.  Folks came from far away.  One lady we met had traveled from North Carolina by plane & her friend drove from Upstate, New York.   We also had to get a hotel room for the day because although I reside in the state of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg/Camp Hill is is quite a ways from my home.   However, the hotel's Sales Manager Diane Gomes was very helpful.  She felt our pain, and went of her way to book a room for us to camp out in for the day.  She gave it to us at a discount of the regular price.  What's more we were allowed access to all the amenities.  2 thumbs up for Diane!   

Despite the few glitches in the program, our 1st experience being vendors went well.  People actually thought we were experienced!  Go figure!  Didn't quite earn the money back we dished out.  Took a few pics though.  Unfortunately, the opportunity was missed to get clothing pics.  We were like deer in headlights on our 1st sale, and for a few more afterward.  Somewhere down the road my cousin said "Maybe we should take pics of our customers to post on the website."  Of course, by the time that light-bulb moment happened...the fashion show was about to begin, and folks were interested in that then.   

Here's the thing...we made some money, contacts, networked, and complete strangers brought our items!  Although, we won't be patronizing this event planning company anymore, life is good.  Giving thanks to God...he is Awesome!  Until next time...peace & blessings

These are just a few pics.  To see more go to my facebook fan page.  Feel free to "Like" my page during your visit.  :)

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