Thursday, March 28, 2013

Show & Tell Friday #4!

It's been a while since I've done one of these post hasn't it?  Well, it's only because I'm preparing for...........wait for it...........MY VERY 1ST EVENT!  YEAH ME!!!   I'm seriously psyched, but also nervous at the same time.  ???? Questions, questions, and more crazy questions are roaming around in my head????   What if my work is actually terrible? What if no one buys anything? What if the other business' laugh at me, push me down in the mud, and take my lunch money?
Okay, well that last one seems a little unlikely.

However, it still doesn't negate the fact that I am nervous.  I guess this is what leaving your comfort zone is all about.  It’s certainly not comfortable, but I wouldn’t call it boring either.  But, somewhere deep down inside...probably near my spleen, there’s a tiny voice  cheering me on, congratulating me on this very scary milestone.  So, even if I sell just one item at my very 1st event, I will consider it to be a rock-a-licious success!

Now that I’ve put that much needed nerve-fest out there, it's time for show & tell.  Guess what?   I've learned how to sew!  Not on sewing machine though, but by hand.  I'll tackle that big bad sewing machine somewhere down the road.  For now sewing by hand will have to do.  I have mastered about 3 different stitching styles, and I'm learning how to do 3 more.  

My 1st project of choice was a pillow.  (Soooo...cliche.)  ...But, it turned out nice!  So nice, that I decided to do another one.  Now I'm on a pillow frenzy!  I've completed 3 thus far.  The pillows are made from recycled t-shirts, batting for sturdiness & cotton fabric.  The t-shirts come from what I actually call my "Jacked up pile" (designs I messed up.)  Nevertheless, I'm slightly giddy about the way I've learned to take an old tee & turn it into something Fa-bee-lous!  What-cha think?  Until, next time...peace and blessings
News about my upcoming event can be found under the "News Buzz & Events" tab.

Honey Bee Inspired! Decorative Pillows @Tee-iabo Designs

Front                                      Back

Front                                             Back

Front                                                     Back


  1. You go girl. I am giddy for you. Ain't nothin' jacked up about the finished product. LOVE EM!

    1. Thank you Kenya! Thanks for the edit too! I didn't even realize that I put 2 "tt" instead of "dd" in giddy. I only re-read this post like 5x. did I even miss spell check. Well, that's why I have writer friends. Nervous & blind...bad combo. lol

    2. That's is weird - I sure read "dd" - it went by me. Ooops. ;-)

  2. Kudos to you for expanding your comfort THAT is the way to go thru life isn't it! And if someone takes your lunch money, I"ll beat them up for you :)

  3. I like that the pillows are made out of t-shirts, I bet that makes them comfy to lay on, and they look great. Good luck with your event!

    1. Well, the fabric is soft. Easy to wash too. Thank you.

  4. I'm just coming over to see how the event went. I hope it was a fantastic day for you!


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