Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Varsity Jacket is NOT Cool For Sub-Zero?

It’s officially “Hey, put on your coat!” season in our house.  Some people call it winter.  However, this huge fact doesn’t seem to faze my son, who refuses to wear a coat!  It's an insane issue that affects anyone with kids.  It all begins with four dreaded words:  "Nobody wears coats anymore."

Why won't teenagers wear a winter coat?  Here's the logic behind not wearing a coat, hat or gloves when it's below zero or even hovering at a balmy 32°:

  • I have to carry it around with me all day because I don't use my locker.
  • My coat is too bulky.
  • We cannot wear hats in school.  It's against the rules.
  • It messes up my look. (my daughter's fav)
  • No one else wears a coat.

The last point is the REAL reason.  "No one else wears a coat, and heaven forbid I stand out.  I'm willing to get frostbite and be incredibly cold as I walk outdoors between buildings for classes, but I MUST be like everyone else."  It seems that if everyone else is brilliant enough not to wear a winter coat when the temperature plummets my son must follow suit too.  I do wonder though what happens if a teenage boy actually wears his coat to school . . . is he ridiculed, laughed at, given dirty looks?  Sometimes, I say to myself perhaps not wearing a coat is making my son more rugged.  And, then I think ‘Nah, it’s just stupid.’ 

So, one day thinking I had an instant solution to this ongoing issue I said to him "Here's a thought...why don't you wear your varsity jacket?"  You know the one you couldn't WAIT to get when you were a HS freshman.  The jacket you raved about getting in just ONE MORE YEAR when you were a sophomore.  The jacket now that you have it, won't wear it because I don't know why..."   He says "I don't wear it because I'll have to carry it around all day."  When I tell him to put it in his locker, he retorts "That will take too long!  I'll have to walk WAAYYY to the other-side of the building, which will make me late for class."  Um...what about during lunch or study hall?  Then I'll miss my friends!  I ask "Are you ever going to wear it?"  His response "Mom I'll wear it in my Senior year...it will be BOSS then!"  This child of mine needs to be a LAWYER for every kid across America not wanting to wear a coat!!!   LOL! 

Well, one day his varsity jacket will make for a nice shadow box keepsake at least.   These days he likes to wear puffy down vests with long sleeve shirts.  It looks like he's wearing a coat, and has the ability to show off his look.  He says the cold doesn’t bother him.  ...And, I never considered red ears or frostbite to be fashion statements, but then maybe I’m just another clueless mom.  Until next time...peace & blessings

 How many parents have/are going through this?


  1. Oh my goodness, does THIS sound familiar!!! Aye yi yi

    1. Doesn't it! I don't think this trend will ever end.

  2. Wow, you should have heard me "Wow", "Really" and "Mmm mmm mmm"ing... I've heard about this. I can't wait to see Christopher try to get past the Marine in this house who wears a beanie in the summer because of the air conditioning in the house. I sure hope he layers. Does a hoodie count as a "coat"?

    1. LOL! Kenya, Isaiah did wear a coat/hat/gloves up until his sophomore year in HS. Only because I made him. The HS looks like a college campus & if he sees his locker once a day he's lucky. With practice being 2x a day. He was misplacing & losing stuff too much. You have to learn how to pick your battles. He only does this during the school week & he does wear 2 shirts for layers. When we go out as a family Isaiah already knows not to try going out w/out a coat. His father might not let him live to see 17. However, it is so funny how Hubby changes his tune when he & Isaiah are amongst the football crew. Oh, honey leave the boy alone, he's not a baby anymore! He'll put on his coat in the car. lol #Testosteronefever

  3. Sounds like he would be perfect on the school's debating team. :D I think this is truly a "guy thing" as the boys back in my HS days were the same way and now, many years later, my grandsons are the same way. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a coat to school.

  4. My son went through that phase too until he spent a year freezing his tush off. He got better. ;)

    1. LOL! Waiting patiently for my son to learn his lesson.


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