Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Walking of the edge of glory!

Last Saturday's 2012 Baltimore, MD "Walk Now for Autism Speaks" was a glorious event!  Me waking up at 5:00 a.m. to get to Baltimore by 8:30 a.m. was a miracle within itself!  lol  Registration & opening ceremonies began at 8:30, and the walk immediately followed at 10:00.  Although my team - "Moms Against Autism" consisted of just my girlfriend & myself, we had so much fun!  An estimated 6,000 walkers joined together at M&T Bank Stadium to walk for research, awareness, and compassion!  Volunteers and research vendors from all over showed up very early Saturday morning to prepare for the festivities.  

There was live entertainment, featuring special guests Lisa and Mikel from Milkshake, more than 30 area vendors offering kid-friendly activities, trick or treat candy (available at each booth), and a Halloween costume contest!  My girlfriend I decided this was going to be a "Ladies Day Out" from the beginning, and YES! we reverted back into childhood.  Seriously,  we enjoyed collecting goodies from each booth!  They had the good candy!  The kind you sneak out of your kids Halloween bags when they're not looking.  No, Sweet Tarts here!  We also, collected a lot of great info for my girlfriend to use in finding services for her 16 year old son who is also autistic.

A very sincere thank you to everyone who supported us in this event by donating or sharing it with your friends and family!  Together we raised a total of $280.00.  Just $20.00 shy of reaching my goal, but a blessing still to say the least.  Please take the time to enjoy my videos & pics down below.  Until next time, peace & blessings

Moms Against Autism Now -Tee-iabo Designs - Walking Event Part I

Moms Against Autism - Tee-iabo Designs - Walking Event Part II


Moms Against Autism Now - Tee-iabo Designs - Walking Event Part III


Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Things I'm going to do...one day!

 I'm B-A-C-K!!!  ...And, it sure does feel good!  Life without a computer was to say the least a miserable experience that I don't want to repeat again.  It is however an experience I'll have to blog about at another time.  Stay tuned!

Anyways enough of the sour grapes, moving on to fun stuff.  I was recently tagged by Jen@http://werelivingafulllife.blogspot.com/ to write a post regarding 10 things I've never done.  Well, there are lots of things I've never done, but hope to get the chance to do one day.  My list is about things I've never done, but would like to do.  It is also, a dedicated Shout Out! to10 blogger friends/acquaintances who inspire me.  Yep, you know me...inspiration from others is my drug of choice.  It lifts my spirit, feeds my soul, and puts a smile on my face to see others living life...perusing their dreams!  My hope is to one day experience a small piece of what makes them tick.  Drum Roll Please! ~

1.  Kenya G. Johnson @Here'sTheThing...  is a fantastic writer, her words draw you in within the 1st few lines.  Kenya is a self published author of  The Christopher Chronicles .  My goal...actually write a book one day.

2.  Antoinette Dickson @ Serendipitous Sojourn... is a phenomenal poet!  OMG...she has the gift of poetic symphony.  Antoinette recently publicly recited one of her poem's (open mic performance) for all to hear.  This was a triumph challenge for her to say the least.  My goal...to attend a jazz poet reading.

3.  Iris Payne-Mack @GreatMinz...think alike is a writer, poet and political activist.  Her quick mind is always busy trying to make the world a better place.  My goal...to be able to bless someone with a need/want by "paying it forward."

4.  Kathy @You'll Shoot Your Eye Out is a blogger, awesome photographer, Penn State fanatic, witty,  funny and so much more.  My goal...learn how to take a decent photo w/o the aid of photo shop.  lol

5.  May @One Moment in Time is a promotional and fun topic finding blogger.  She's always cooking up interesting topics to comment on or creating fun giveaways to be apart of.  My goal...have a great giveaway response. (my last 2 were busts o__O.

6. Jen @We're Living a Full Life is my newest blogger bud.  Although, I do not know too much about her yet - the blog is fun to visit.  Recently, she posted pics from a nature walk she took on her property.  Awesome!  My goal...own a pond or at least live close by one with a great scenery.  Inspiration  from nature...intoxicating, being able to take a pic of nature...skill, getting Kathy @You'll Shoot Your Eye Out to help you...priceless.  :)

 7.  Amber Elizabeth Lamoreaux...tales from a self taught artist is a take your breath away phenomenal artist!  Amber's canvas art leaves you in absolute awe with its life like tones.  My goal... to create bee-tiful art on canvas.  ;)

8.  Wilma Jean @Wilma Jean is an artist who paints women & children.  Kudos to her on her 1st  illustrated book!  Wilma is always dabbling with promotions, creativity and works of art.  My goal...to become more of a free spirit.  Just let go...

9.  Chelsea St.Pierre @Chelsea Art Design is an Artist Designer Crafter Blogger Reviewer.  Her art is fun, colorful and creative.  My goal...to get better with color coordination.

10.  Melanie @French Blue & Peachy Pink is the queen of antique centres!  Anything vintage is her passion.  She is also puts together great tea party settings.  My goal...to own a vintage tea set.   

Well, there you have it ~ my list of 10 things I wanna experience!  Taking on the challenge of turning "I Want To" into "I've Done."   Hope you enjoyed reading my list, and if you get the chance go check out my inspiring peeps!  Until next time...peace & blessings

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