Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PMS - What's a Girl to Do??

I cannot believe I am writing about this today, maybe because the rain is putting an emphasis on how I'm feeling today.  But...that's the fun of blogging, right?  You get to talk about any, and everything.  So lets do this!!

Premenstrual syndrome...that's what they call it.  To most women though it's just PMS.  Men  may think of it as: Prehistoric Monster Syndrome...ha-ha.

Why Did You Do It Eve?

Why, oh why, did you do it Eve?  Why did you eat that apple?  Ever since you bit into that apple us ladies have been eating Crab Apples every month.  She was the first case of PMS & her legacy still lives on :(

Most, if not all women experience PMS a few days before their period.  Some months PMS is non-existent, and other months it's EXTREME.  I've had my fair share, which is the reason behind this post.

My symptoms:

~ Craziness.  Like walking in front of a moving car while looking in the opposite direction. True story... almost got hit yesterday.
 ~ Clumsiness. Plates and cups seem to fall uncontrollably.
 ~ Mood swings. (This is the big one!)  My day's emotions go sorta like this: happy, sad, very sad, very happy, teary, smiling, screaming, joy, anger, I wanna hit someone...and the list continues.

 ~ Irritable.  Say anything and am irritated.  Don't say anything and am still irritated.

 ~  Bloated stomach, full of gas. Two words...it sucks!
 ~  Headache.  Seriously...what's the connection between my period and my head???
 ~  Fatigue.
 ~ Loss of appetite.  Excluding chocolate and salt of course. :) 
 ~ Body aches.

C:\Documents and Settings\Terry  Wilson\My Documents\My Pictures\sewuseful - tutorial\DSC03241.JPG  I could go on, and on, but I know you get what am saying.  Not everyone experiences PMS like this.  If you do, one way to deal with the sudden influx of emotions is to have a PMS survival kit on had and ready.  A PMS survival kit can be anything you want it to be, but the goal is to include things that will make you instantly feel good in a moment of blah.  These items are like PMS salvation, if only for a few minutes.  This is what's in mine:

MY P*M*S Emergency Survival Kit.

- Wine or any alcohol. Just a lot little. To cheer me up. Sorry, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

- chocolate w/salt as a chaser
- ibuprofen
- heating pads
- herbal tea always helps with the cramping
- Yoga video

- laughs from any source (Rush Hour 1 &2.)
- last, but not least ~ My wish list request ~  A sound proof room away from husband & children for that 3-4 day period.  :)


  1. Hey cuzzo..nice article...I do not suffer from this "ailment' I emphathize with those who do...just know that when you get to the other side..as I am...all of these things will be just a bad memory...But i do love the "kit" ideal...lol..too funny

    1. Thank you cuzzo. Can't wait to get to the other side! Can't there just be a button women can push to end this monthly turmoil! The kit is a much needed necessity. lol

  2. Haha...so true...ALL of it. And the connection between headaches and PMS???? That horrible "H" word...HORMONES, ugh.

    1. @Kathy...the horror of the "H" word is pure monthly torture. Why could man eat the apple instead. lol

  3. My PMS is so far behind now...but there are others things that took it's place. LOL..I feel for you though! I remember the days! Love the "kit"!

    1. LOL! Aunt Di! Thank you & believe me the kit comes in quite handy.

  4. Why can't the monthly fountain of youth coincide with a me time vacation? As for that irritated - don't ask me if I'm irritated because that makes me IRRITATED! I just checked my forecast. I'm 10 days late according to my app - which just means I forgot to record it last time. I'm feeling the cranky window close in on me though. Let me go check my forecast so I can have permission to go buy some wine and chocolate. I'm doing good that I don't keep either in stock anymore ;-)

    1. LMBO!!! You are a mess! I try not to keep the goodies around the house either, but a glass of wine is my weakness. I'm slowly getting into the habit of doing yoga. By the fall I should be fully committed. They say that it helps to reduce PMS symptoms and cravings. We'll see. :o\

  5. I too, do not suffer with PMS; never have, smile. Nice article and I am sure many folks will find it very humorous, like I did.

  6. When I hear or read articles about this, I thank my stars because I don't suffer from either of above mentioned..I know it can be really depressing.. Well that is the price of being a woman... I guess men also have their own worries..lol

    1. May you are so lucky, God bless you. I can only dream of my days of freedom. Lol@men having their own worries. Girl, their PMS is around the clock! lol

  7. I was just over at Jenn & Casey's blog and you were the comment before me so I figured I'd pay a visit. Hi Sonya I'm Jen btw.

    OMG! the timing of this post is comical!! Well, the post is comical too actually and oh so true. I was just cleaning up the dinner dishes and said to my husband "I could eat about a gallon of ice cream about now." Food cravings have been horrible all day (salt and sweet) All day yesterday was "the headache."

    And the really bad news; I'm closer to 55 than I am to 50. On the bright side, being older my fat pants are my pants pants, convenient huh!

    1. Oh, wow...another Jen! Thank you for visiting and welcome to my blog. LOL@your fat pants being your pants pants. I dare to even think about going through this dreaded monthly cycle past the age of 50 any #. My Mom was done by the age of 54 so maybe, just maybe I can hope for an early reprieve.

      Going to check out your blog now. Hope you visit again.


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