Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing....Show and Tell Friday!

*In my Fat Albert voice* ~ Hey, hey,'s time for Show and Tell Friday!  

Recently, chatting with a friend of mine via e-mail I learned she didn't  know I had a business website.  Needless to say these words shouted in HUGE volume at me!  My heart literally sank!  Then...BOOM!...I realized, if she didn't know I had a business website how many others didn't know either.  Do I get an F in marketing or what!  Hmm...

Well, today and most Fridays here after anyone who surfs my blog will know...YES, I do indeed have a business website!  Show and Tell Fridays will be about introducing the latest design or jewelry piece added to my collection of goods, and telling a quick blurb about it.  Before, I get started showing off the latest redesign, let me give you folks the skinny version about my business.  The name of the business is Tee-iabo Designs  (Tee-ah-bow) and I specialize in hand painted clothing & accessories.  I recently expanded the product line by adding Greatminz Accessories ~ handmade jewelry made by Iris Payne-Mack.  Not only is Iris a talented jewelry maker, but she is a writer and poet as well.  Go check out her blog @   That's the skinny, but if you want the fat version...grab a cup of Java, have a seat, and read the past blog postings by moi. 

Okay, now that the preliminaries out of the way let's begin Show and Tell Friday!  Lately, I've been working on building an inventory, so I can start going to craft shows.  Making subtle, but necessary changes in a few older designs and also changing my signature pattern has been my mission since the beginning of summer.  Today I would like to reintroduce the design "Phenomenal Woman."  

Before the make-over she looked like this:

Now...she looks like this!

The changes:  shirt color, deleted floral arrangement, changed the symbol, and the signature pattern.  For those of you who do not know the symbols that follow my signature represents the design.  The symbol for this particular design is called a Triskele...the Celtic symbol for sisterhood.  The continual looping seen in the Triskele represents the eternal love shared by sisters.  The Tiskele  also represents the 3 stages of womanhood: crone, mother, and maiden.  Thus, the meaning of the design as a whole is: Women must unite to conquer, women must bond to be stronger, women must dare to be...Phenomenal!  

To see more of my clothing artwork go visit the website @  Peace & Blessings 


  1. Great infor cuzzo and the site looks marvelous...In the words of our Presidet..lets move...FOWARD!!

  2. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout. I like! TWO more suggestions. The image of the shirt should have the link your website. If I click it, it only shows the image of the shirt in a bigger size. I think if the image of this shirt shows up in Google images it would come back to your blog but it you would prefer it go to your website. Also add a caption under the shirt that either gives the web address again or says something like "click t-shirt photo"...

  3. LOL! Okay, I did it. I didn't know I could link the pics. Thank you. I will go back and edit the pics in prior posts as well.

  4. Looks like you've worked your magic :) Will you be posting a schedule of craft shows you will be at? If you are in the PHilly area I'd love to pop on by!

  5. Yes, I will be. The very 1st one I get a chance to attend will be announced so loud & proud folks will be able to hear it in Barcelona! lol


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