Monday, September 3, 2012

I want to remember...

I want to remember each day as it comes,
That I am here for a reason
That my life is a precious gift,
That I should cherish it

I want to remember, the little moments that take my breath away,

Little moments that I recount at the end of each day,
Moments that make me smile,
Moments that I hold close to my heart

I want to remember that am here to enjoy my life,

To remember that life is too short,
To know there is no time for holding grudges,
Only time for finding things that make me happy

I want to remember that today is the only time I have,

That yesterday is gone, whatever happened is now in the past,
Tomorrow is only but a dream, a promise that I cannot be sure of,
This hour, this minute, this second, is what I have!

I want to remember this when am angry,
When am feeling down, when it is dark,
When I think that am at the end of the road,
I want to remember!

I want to remember so I can take it easy,

So, I can choose to smile,
To love and to laugh with an open heart
And to cherish this remembrance.

I hope you remember too!

Peace & blessings♥


  1. If only it was that easy in the daylight hours. This little verse is so beautiful and uplifting x

  2. @Kenya, that's it!

    @Melanie, lol...thank you!

    @Antoinette, thank you! I think I was bitten by the creative mind of the "Pen of Reason." lol

  3. So beautiful. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. You're welcome! Glad to be of


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