Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 3 R's...Reboot, Re-think, and Re-invent

I'm stuck in a rut.  Between work disruptions, writer's block and not being quite sure as to what my next step should be business wise has become quite frustrating to say the least.  My goal for the summer was to have completed building a small inventory consisting of new & old designs.  Well, life has a funny way of shifting gears on you in a split second.  A witty but, insightful quote by actor Woody Allen came to mind as the month of August took me on a never ending roller coaster ride "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  

In daily life personal or business we are bound to face challenges & unforeseen circumstances.  This is a story & song I know all too well.  Through it all though I've come to the conclusion that winning & overcoming challenges is a process, not an event.  Challenges are apart of life...a never ending cycle.  As soon as one challenge is conquered, without doubt there will be another one to face.  No matter what I'm going through, my focus is set to "WIN."  Why?...Failure and quitting are not options for me.  I try to wake up each day with a smile, reminding myself to be grateful for all the experiences I've encountered...even the bad ones.  3 R's I constantly try my best to live by are: Re-boot,  Re-think, and Re-invent. 

Poetry, creative & inspirational writing has a way of healing the mind, body & soul.  Especially when someone is going through trying times.  There are quite a few writer's my daughter Sierra being one of them, whose works I read quite often to revive my spirit.  Words that can capture the essence of a moment in time or an emotional experience is for me at least spiritually mediating.  I came across a poem my daughter had written during her creative writing camp this summer, as I was again trying to deal with yet another set-back.  Boy o' boy!   I tell you sometimes your biggest inspirations comes out of the mouth of babes.  Sierra's words were just the ticket I needed to uplift my spirits this time around.  Her words reminded me that while we try to teach our children about life, they are forever teaching us what life is all about.  To Sierra...thank you and to my blog readers...I hope you enjoy reading her poem.  Until next time...peace & blessings.      

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them." ~ Richard L. Evans

I Come From
written by: Sierra Ilyia Jones

I come from my Mom
Who is strong-willed and brave
Who gave me the life
I live every single day

I come from Maryland
Where I was born and partially raised
Sometimes I miss those days
Where across the street would lay fresh flowers
That would blossom each day with every April shower

I come from my bedroom 
With my nice warm bed
That keeps me under every seam
That holds me while I sleep 
Where I'm free to dream 

I come from my crazy dog
That makes me laugh and smile
When he picks up his toy
And plays with me for a while
Then he drops down from tiredness
from running to fetch the toy I threw
it seems like he ran ten miles.

I come from my grandma's earrings
in that little jewelry box
All golden and round
I wear them everyday
So grandma's memories can live on

About the Author:
My name is Sierra Ilyia Jones.  I am going to eighth grade soon at Kennett Middle School.  I love to read, write, and hang with my friends & family in my free time.  My dream is to publish a book before I turn 30.


  1. I love Sierra's poem. I love that she already has a goal set to be an author. She will do it too.

    I totally get your post. It's a season that comes and goes. When things are really great you feel like that's how it can and always will be. The same feeling comes across when you are in a rut, like its taking forever to get out of it and find your way back out again. It's just a season. At least once or twice a year I have to say, "Here we go again." Seasons apply to so many areas of our lives.

    Now you know I have to go a little off the subject. I have three R's too. Do you remember the Different World where Whitley was seeing the psychiatrist played by Debbie Allen? Whatever Whitley's situation was Debbie said, "Just relax, relate and release." Debbie had come over for Thanksgiving dinner that was a disaster and she was agitated about something. Whitley told her to relax, relate and release and they went though the body motions doing it and Debbie's wig came off. That cracks me up to think of it every time I tell myself to "Relax, relate and release."

  2. LOL! I too remember that DW episode! My friends & I acted out that seen repeatedly through out HS. Yeah, you're right it is just a season. I'll find my way through somehow. It's just that I have SO MANY things I want to do & SO MANY ideas crammed in my brain, but time & money are not on my side right now. I'm like a time bomb ready to explode.

    Sierra does have have life pretty much mapped out at the tender age of 12 & 3/4. lol She is truly one of my biggest inspirations...it's what keeps me going. ;)

  3. I totally get your post. That's something I go through several times a year. It can be difficult to continue living creatively, when life gets in the way. But you have a great support system, so I have faith in you.

    And I really loved the poem.

  4. Wilma Jean, yes I do have a great support system thank God. The Hubster gives me opportunities to have "me" time when he can. I'm very grateful for anytime that I get to re-boot myself. Glad you liked Sierra's poem. ;)


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