Thursday, August 2, 2012


Oh my goodness, it has been a while since I've posted!  Life in the Jones household has been crazy busy & I just don't know when things are going to slow down.  I know one thing for sure.  I'm going to need a much needed break from our summer break!  lol

Any who...I wanted to share something with you all today.  My daughter Sierra's aspiration is to become a writer and a photographer when she grows up.  Thus, I enrolled her in a creative writing camp offered by Westchester, University in PA this summer.  The classes run for two weeks and are designed to foster creativity along with self-expression in a supportive atmosphere.  There are no grades, no exams, no wrong answers—just creative writing!  Sierra has learned so many different styles of writing from prose fiction to poetry and is really honing her skills.  She has really enjoyed this experience and hopes to do it again next year.  I wanted to share one of her creative writing pieces which I thought was quite humorous.  Her brother, my son was the inspiration behind this writing.  Do you think Sierra is trying to send him a message?  lol  Hope you like it and I'll try to post again real soon.  Peace & blessings

A deodorant stick's point of view: 

Sweaty Jock's Deodorant Stick.
written by: Sierra Ilyia Jones

I hate being shoved under an armpit all the time.  
Why does it smell under there?
Why can't they shower and THEN put me on?...Disgusting!
Can't I just run out already?
I'm tired of just being used once a day.
Especially by sweaty jocks!
Ugh! Stop the horror!!!
After they use me, I just sit on a dresser all day long...doing nothing.
So bored...
If only they could know what I'm thinking when being shoved under their armpits for refreshment.
But, they can't...I'm just an object.
No respect.
No one to care.
Just used once a day until I'm done.
If only...they knew how much they stink!
How much they sweat, and how I detest the smell!
But, they don't care.
They just...don't care.  
I'm a deodorant stick.
An object in despair. 


  1. Your little girl is just an angel.. And I know she will grow up to make mommy proud..Keep it up girl.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes ! That is so cute. Keep inspiring her to move toward her dreams. Children often have it right from day 1 when they know what they'd like to do from such a young age. Bless her sweet little heart......and deoderant stick ! lol

  3. LOL!!! I love it. She reminds me of me, but my brother was younger. This was too funny. Excellent job Sierra. It must a boy thing. A shower is better than a shot of cologne of refreshing the armpits with deodorant.

  4. Love her in the shirt too. She's got the hookup!

  5. Thank you Melanie. lol Yes, it does seem like Sierra has her future career path all figured out. I adore the passion she possesses & will continue to nurture it.

  6. LOL @Kenya! It is indeed a boy thing. Wait until Christopher starts playing sports & the b.o really kicks in. Some days I just want to fumigate his room, clothes, and him. I need Lysol & Febreze on tap. lol Sierra does have the hook-up and don't think she doesn't remind me every chance she gets. I told her freebies only last until she gets a job. lol

  7. Horayyyyy!! My little cuzzo got the beat...she is going to be a great writer and it must be somewhere in our genes to soar to the sky. As a published author myself, I know it began for me this same way..I think I caught the writing bug somewhere between.."Preach from Cooley High and Johnboy from the Waltons"(Sonya you can explain the characters for her) I am honesly proud of her...and her bloodline..pumps of joy!!

    P.S. and you to of course...Great Job!

  8. There is nothing not to love about this post. GREAT JOB, SIERRA!!!

  9. What a creative idea to write about! She is beautiful and talented :D


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