Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two heads are better than one!

Good news!...Tee-iabo Designs is teaming up with it's very 1st  partner to expand business!  Singing ~ ♪♫♪♫♪"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it..."♪♫♪♫♪ *in my Pointer Sisters voice* :)))   Iris Payne-Mack of Greatminz Productions & I had a meeting of the minds a few weeks ago.  We finally decided to put our great ideas into motion!  I am proud to introduce handmade jewelry by: Greatminz Accessories @tee-iabodesigns.com

Ms. Payne-Mack is an artistic designer whose main focus is developing her own sense of style and pursuing what matters most...beauty.  Her goal is simple...to make affordable jewelry that fits whomever is wearing it perfectly.  Iris's designs are unique, and she works with a variety of materials including metal, leather, wood, wire, beads, acrylic & her most favorite cowrie shells.  She offers jewelry and accessories for women, men & girls.  Iris is also a blogger & poet.  Go check her out @http://greatminz.blogspot.com/!

All pieces are completely handmade by Iris (and her trusty tools.)  Most pieces are one of a kind and none can be brought in bulk.  She may be able to reproduce the theme, but none of the pieces are mass produced.  Nor, are any two pieces made exactly alike.  So, if you purchase an item, you can be assured it will be something truly unique.  We will be adding new designs to the website quite often, so I do hope you'll come by for a visit.  Perhaps you may even leave with something unique.  Peace & blessings until next time.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. ~ Henry Ford

Buzz on over & check out the clothing/accessories on my  website: www.tee-iabodesigns.com  ~ Also...

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 3 R's...Reboot, Re-think, and Re-invent

I'm stuck in a rut.  Between work disruptions, writer's block and not being quite sure as to what my next step should be business wise has become quite frustrating to say the least.  My goal for the summer was to have completed building a small inventory consisting of new & old designs.  Well, life has a funny way of shifting gears on you in a split second.  A witty but, insightful quote by actor Woody Allen came to mind as the month of August took me on a never ending roller coaster ride "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  

In daily life personal or business we are bound to face challenges & unforeseen circumstances.  This is a story & song I know all too well.  Through it all though I've come to the conclusion that winning & overcoming challenges is a process, not an event.  Challenges are apart of life...a never ending cycle.  As soon as one challenge is conquered, without doubt there will be another one to face.  No matter what I'm going through, my focus is set to "WIN."  Why?...Failure and quitting are not options for me.  I try to wake up each day with a smile, reminding myself to be grateful for all the experiences I've encountered...even the bad ones.  3 R's I constantly try my best to live by are: Re-boot,  Re-think, and Re-invent. 

Poetry, creative & inspirational writing has a way of healing the mind, body & soul.  Especially when someone is going through trying times.  There are quite a few writer's my daughter Sierra being one of them, whose works I read quite often to revive my spirit.  Words that can capture the essence of a moment in time or an emotional experience is for me at least spiritually mediating.  I came across a poem my daughter had written during her creative writing camp this summer, as I was again trying to deal with yet another set-back.  Boy o' boy!   I tell you sometimes your biggest inspirations comes out of the mouth of babes.  Sierra's words were just the ticket I needed to uplift my spirits this time around.  Her words reminded me that while we try to teach our children about life, they are forever teaching us what life is all about.  To Sierra...thank you and to my blog readers...I hope you enjoy reading her poem.  Until next time...peace & blessings.      

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them." ~ Richard L. Evans

I Come From
written by: Sierra Ilyia Jones

I come from my Mom
Who is strong-willed and brave
Who gave me the life
I live every single day

I come from Maryland
Where I was born and partially raised
Sometimes I miss those days
Where across the street would lay fresh flowers
That would blossom each day with every April shower

I come from my bedroom 
With my nice warm bed
That keeps me under every seam
That holds me while I sleep 
Where I'm free to dream 

I come from my crazy dog
That makes me laugh and smile
When he picks up his toy
And plays with me for a while
Then he drops down from tiredness
from running to fetch the toy I threw
it seems like he ran ten miles.

I come from my grandma's earrings
in that little jewelry box
All golden and round
I wear them everyday
So grandma's memories can live on

About the Author:
My name is Sierra Ilyia Jones.  I am going to eighth grade soon at Kennett Middle School.  I love to read, write, and hang with my friends & family in my free time.  My dream is to publish a book before I turn 30.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deodorant blues...lol!

Oh my goodness, it has been a while since I've posted!  Life in the Jones household has been crazy busy & I just don't know when things are going to slow down.  I know one thing for sure.  I'm going to need a much needed break from our summer break!  lol

Any who...I wanted to share something with you all today.  My daughter Sierra's aspiration is to become a writer and a photographer when she grows up.  Thus, I enrolled her in a creative writing camp offered by Westchester, University in PA this summer.  The classes run for two weeks and are designed to foster creativity along with self-expression in a supportive atmosphere.  There are no grades, no exams, no wrong answers—just creative writing!  Sierra has learned so many different styles of writing from prose fiction to poetry and is really honing her skills.  She has really enjoyed this experience and hopes to do it again next year.  I wanted to share one of her creative writing pieces which I thought was quite humorous.  Her brother, my son was the inspiration behind this writing.  Do you think Sierra is trying to send him a message?  lol  Hope you like it and I'll try to post again real soon.  Peace & blessings

A deodorant stick's point of view: 

Sweaty Jock's Deodorant Stick.
written by: Sierra Ilyia Jones

I hate being shoved under an armpit all the time.  
Why does it smell under there?
Why can't they shower and THEN put me on?...Disgusting!
Can't I just run out already?
I'm tired of just being used once a day.
Especially by sweaty jocks!
Ugh! Stop the horror!!!
After they use me, I just sit on a dresser all day long...doing nothing.
So bored...
If only they could know what I'm thinking when being shoved under their armpits for refreshment.
But, they can't...I'm just an object.
No respect.
No one to care.
Just used once a day until I'm done.
If only...they knew how much they stink!
How much they sweat, and how I detest the smell!
But, they don't care.
They just...don't care.  
I'm a deodorant stick.
An object in despair. 

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