Monday, July 2, 2012

Express yourself...Bee who you are! ~ New collection!

 "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."
 St. Francis de Sales

One of humanity’s greatest problems is that we are always trying to become something other than what we are.  Society fills our heads with beliefs of what we should be, but if we ever took a good look at what society views as perfection, we'd see that some of the images are unattainable.  For example, as a teenager I always hovered over that middle ground affectionately known as "chunky."  Even though, by the age of eighteen I had finally won the battle of the "chunk attack", developing a positive self-image would become an bigger issue.  Why?...because I was always comparing myself to "girl" so-and so.  The desire of wanting to look like someone other than me became an obsession.  It got to the point that the only time I ever felt slim, happy and in control was when I was dieting.  It didn’t matter whether I had lost any weight or not.  Just being on a restrictive food plan made me feel skinny and better about myself.  The need to fit the definition of what society viewed as the perfect body image ruled my life.  Thus, I yo-yo dieted for years.  It wasn't until 2007 while watching the Tyra Banks talk show that my train of thought took a crashing nose dive (I ♥ Tyra...Sagittarian ♥.)  Tyra told all of her critics to "Kiss her fat ass", in other words I'm happy in the skin I'm in!  At that very moment I realized in the grand scheme of things, me being 10lbs lighter or heavier wasn't going to have any impact on the world whatsoever.  Why was I wasting all of my energy on trying to be something/someone that was unachievable?  How would I ever be able accept and express my own individuality constantly trying to be something else?  I decided right then and there to stop dieting.  I re-focused my goals on being healthy, instead of concentrating on the number the scale read.  I stopped worrying about being perfect and started accepting "Me."  I learned how to be in balance with myself.  It took some time to retrain my thinking, but you know what?  I've been happy ever since! 

The temptation to emulate another person’s life, simply in turn makes us miss out on the life we’ve been given.   Individuality is what makes us who we are...what makes us shine and no one can take that away from us.  Sometime ago I used to compare my artwork to other artists designs/paintings.  Then would get depressed because I thought  their art was better than mine.  I had to learn to stop questioning my work.  I've learned now to appreciate my God given talents because art is about satisfying a desire, the need within you to create and express yourself.  My need can not be satisfied if I desire to paint, draw or design like someone else.  We can most definitely love other persons lifestyle and by all means be inspired by them.  However, don’t try to imitate them.  Let them be their own unique person, and instead concentrate on being who you are!

Iris Payne-Mack, Kenya G. Johnson and, Antoinette Dickerson are the inspirations behind my latest designs. Click on the names to check out their websites!  These 3 ladies without a doubt make the saying "Express yourself...Bee who you are" come to life!  They say what they feel and, feel what they do!  I implore all who read this post to show others your authenticity...Express Yourself!   

Introducing the Express yourself...Bee who you are!  Collection from Tee-iabo Designs!

More will be added soon!


  1. Sonya, you BEE the bomb, baby!!! I love this post & the new designs.

  2. *-_-* (blush, blush) LOL! Thank you!

  3. I second what Antoinette said. This is a powerful post. And DUH I didn't make the connection yesterday on Bee a poet, I was just thinking about MY shirt and gushing with inspiration. LOL! I love all of them and I got goosebumps for Antoinette and imagine she is gushing at her Bee a poet shirt too. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I love this new line. I love the new symbols you are using to go along with what that shirt is saying. BTW I didn't know Tyra was a Sag. I did happen to be watching that show and it brought tears to my eyes.

  4. I will include this design in my best collections.. I just love where you got your inspirations for this design..

  5. @Kenya lol...thank you. However, the tree pose is Antoinette's. She wrote a poem a little while back and I envisioned the lady dancing in the wind. I'll have to go back to her site & get the name of it when I get a chance. The poet shirt is my cousin's and the actor is her daughter's. I know the poet one can also be for the pen master, but a lot of her stuff is so darn fluid the tree lady fits her best. Wait until you see Christopher's. The image came from the photo of him with the guitar and the one smiling with the cupcake. Don't even try to guess! lol Just know that my bee captured his whimsical spirit and that precious smile. That kid can cheese something good! lol

  6. Thank you May! You made me smile. :OD

  7. Sonya- get your beautiful self over to my blog for a quick giveaway first 10 comments will win a bracelet handmade by me.


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