Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby it's hot outside!...time to cool down the kitchen.

"♪♫♪♫♪♫...I'm so glad we had this time together,just to have a few spectacular meals...♪♫♪♫,seems we just get started,and before you know it,comes the time we have to say♪♫♪♫♪... so long. (insert tugging on earlobe here.)"

Meet Esther

This is my version of the Carol Burnett goodbye song dedicated to my oven Esther.  When hints of summer are in the air it is time for her to go on vacation.  Vacation usually lasts until  just about 2 or 3 weeks after Labor Day.  I clean Esther from top to bottom getting her all shiny and sparkly like a brand new car.  Then I happily hand over the apron strings to the Hubster, and begin grilling season!  Now, the Hubster is usually not around during the weekdays due to traveling for work.  So, he grills enough goodies to last at least until Tues. or Wed.  For the rest of the week I usually cook quick stove top meals that will hold us over until the Hubster can grill again.  it!...can I get an Amen?

The hardest part of oven cleaning is trying to remove the baked-in gook from the stainless steel oven racks!  Please someone tell me why they are called "stainless?"  After about a month of cooking all I see are stains that don't come off effortlessly without shedding some blood, sweat and tears!  Humph!...the small print should read:  **Stainless steel after scrubbing feverishly.  Warning: may cause carpel tunnel.** 

Alas!...I have discovered a way to get the oven racks sparkly clean kicking blood, sweat and tears to the curb!  Yes, you read correctly.  No, you don't need glasses.  If you wear new prescription needed.  This tip works, 110% guaranteed!  However, I can't give you your money back if it doesn't, but I'll have a really hard time taking that Giant Foot out of my mouth.  LOL!  Seriously though, it really does work.  Check out my video down below.  If you do decide to try it, visit my blog and leave a comment. 

P.S. ~ I forgot to add that this tip works for grill racks too!

Oven rack cleaning tips ~ part 1

 Part II


  1. Wow! That IS AMAZING. I am still old school and have never used the self-clean feature of the over. That said, after killing myself with oven spray fumes and scrubbing, I ain't tryin to clean the racks. I might be more excited about doing it, if I thought my oven could remain off for the whole summer. Humph. Lucky girl.

  2. 110% guaranteed? This must be very effective..Thanks for this useful info.. Hope you have a wonderful week..

  3. LMBO! Kenya are you kidding me! The self-cleaning oven is the hottest feature on an oven and you've never used it! Wow!...anything that cuts my cleaning time in half, I'm down for it. This is why I can be so gun-ho about cleaning the racks and it doesn't take any real effort to do so. Just soak, wipe and put back into the oven. Done! Esther & I both need a break from cooking during the summer. I use her very sparingly. Like for bacon or maybe a pizza. We have enough kitchen gadgets that can do the job. :)

  4. @ May...yes, it is! You have a great weekend as well.


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