Thursday, May 31, 2012

Second Chances...

Memorial Day weekend...this was the date our family chose to meet my father for the very 1st time.  The weekend went nicer than I anticipated...even if my 2 year-old persona showed up uninvited.  

Our family arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday around 6:30pm.  After checking in our hotel room we decided to go to dinner first, before meeting up with the man behind the voice I've been conversing with for 2 months now.  After dinner, we returned to the hotel to wait for him in the lobby.  I waited for a bit, but became slightly anxious just sitting around with nothing to do.  So, I decided to go up to the room and check my email.  Five minutes later my daughter Sierra knocked on the room door to alert me that he had finally arrived.  When I came downstairs and saw this tall figure standing amongst my husband, son and daughter...all time froze.  It was as if the air was moving my feet closer to where they were standing, instead of me actually walking.  Once I was face to face with him I said "Hello."  Then just like that!...I reverted back to into a 2 year-old little girl who just wanted to hide behind her mother's leg.  I literally went into my shell and shied away.  He said something, but anything said to me at that particular moment would have sounded like Chinese.  We hugged briefly, although I don't remember reaching out to receive his embrace.  

Later, he took us on a tour of downtown Cincinnati.  I was really impressed!  The downtown area was quite large and the night life was very festive.  We drove right over a bridge into the state of Kentucky (which I had no idea was that close by) and viewed the Cincinnati skyline.  We also had a chance to catch some fireworks.  I guess the fireworks were to celebrate kicking off the baseball season for the Cincinnati Reds.  We all chatted for a bit, but my 2year-old persona was still alive & present.  Thus, I made sure it was a group conversation the entire night.

The next day was the BBQ and the crowd was small.  I was happy about this.  Everything was laid out very nicely & it was obvious that he went all out to welcome us into the family.  The food was great!  All of the BBQ was cooked by him and ALL OF the HOMEMADE sides were cooked by the family members who attended.  Mmm...  However, just like the night before, I proceeded to sit, and chat with everyone else except him.  We kinda chatted a little bit towards the end of the night.  In a brief private moment between us he said "I thought that since we've spoken on the phone quite a bit that you would have been a little more receptive and talkative."  I was like hmm...yeah me too.  lol 

This weekend was an outer body experience, only thing is I didn't die and come back to life.  It felt like it though.  As soon as I met him I started shying away and this continued until we said our goodbyes. 
Maybe, I'm still too overwhelmed to know what to feel.  Although I didn't spend much time with him this visit at least the awkward moment of the 1st meeting is out the way.  Here's the thing, I only know how to be a daughter to a mother and am trying to figure out how to be a daughter to a father.  Maybe the second time around will be more of a bonding experience for the both of us.  What do you think?  I believe in second chances...what about you? 

Him & I

Us again

My son Isaiah & the Hubster (This is a truly a Kodak moment because they dislike taking pics)


My new found family & me!

Monday, May 21, 2012

In the Tee-iabo Designs came to bee!

PictureTeaching autistic and down-syndrome children was the profession I ventured into after graduating from college.  Unfortunately, my husband's line of work made it difficult for me to pursue this field.  Relocating quite often to support his advancing career meant for me, finding a new job each time we moved.  My hubster is the primary bread winner in our family, so we pretty much went where his job took us.  I've always been supportive of his career, and have tried my best not to complain no matter how frustrating it was to start over again.   

I needed to find a job that I could put in my back pocket, and take with me so to speak.  Then suddenly I had an "Aha moment!  Why not start my own business?  One problem though...doing what? 

It was during the Spring of 2008 when my "Aha moment" would come to bee (pun intended.)  My son was playing basketball for the YMCA & I decided it would be fun to make him a basketball t-shirt.  Ha-ha...well the t-shirt did start out with a pic of a basketball.  Several mistakes and trying to cover them up led to this outcome: 

Totally not what I had in mind!
***My very 1st "Bee" t-shirt design was for the "Arc of Chester County" field day.  It was artistically on the same level.  lol***

Needless, to say my son never wore this t-shirt!  I was getting ready to throw the shirt away when an idea came to me..."bee" t-shirts!  My artwork needed some intense help to say the least.  So, I began spending my extra time surfing the web looking at pictures and gathering information about "Bees".  One day I came across a picture of a "Bald-faced Hornet."

Baldfaced hornets may be best described as large, black and white, heavy-bodied wasps about ¾" long.

I liked the way he looked so I sketched it, added some animation and thus, my designer bee was born.  In March 2009 I trademarked my "Bee" and "Tee-iabo Designs", became a reality.

Meet  "TB" ~ short for Tee-iabo Bee.

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) is dedicated to the memory of my late mother Bobbie Davis-Tiabo.  The concept was to create interesting/humorous designs that have never been thought of before using the "bee" as my theme.  Most people are deathly afraid of bees thus, making them an unpopular subject.  I figured by adding an artistic twist & sharing their history it might enlighten some people's perception about this fascinating insect. 

Without a mentor or anyone to show me how to make tee-shirts my earlier designs looked like this:

I had to figure it all out on my own through trial and error.  Persistent in my task to learn, six months later I was painting like this:

A year later both my drawing & painting skills went from "WTH" (what the hell) to "WOW!" 

In the beginning of my adulthood I never dreamed of becoming a clothing artist.  Human resources director, social worker, teacher were the positions I saw myself in.  These were my dreams.  However, before I knew it a husband, and two kids later often found me wondering "what happened to my dreams?"  Don't get me wrong, I love my husband & my children dearly.  Wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world. I just wanted to be defined as something other than an ordinary mother and housewife.  I wanted to follow my heart’s calling but, it didn’t come with directions.  No, GPS to guide me.  Now, today I'm redefining myself, discovering new dreams, and guess what?  Life is good and I love it. 

I CHOOSE... to take ownership of my actions & to accept culpability for their consequences.  If yesterday, I did it wrong, today I have a chance to do it right.  Past failures do not define me, but I will allow the lessons gleaned from them to refine me. This is not a random affirmation; it is my reality. 

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