Monday, April 16, 2012

Scary Mary, quite contary why do you ♥ headbands so?

Having a bad hair day?

Boxed Perm
I've been rocking my natural locks for about three years now, and the journey has been filled with challenges.  I can't say that I will never go back to the creamy crack (what Afro American women refer to as the boxed perm), but I don't see any signs of doing so in my future.  I'm quite satisfied with the way I can style my hair in it's natural state and to my surprise it's more manageable.  That is until...the "Little Bad Hair Day Imp" decides to show up.

My hair had been in a twist-out style for 3 days.  I was hoping Sunday would make day four, thus saving me time to not really have to style my hair after getting dressed.  Nice thought, but it was an EPIC TWIST-OUT FAIL!  I fell asleep after watching the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (great movie by the way) and did not secure my hair in a scarf.  So...I woke up the next morning to this Scary Mary moment.  EEKKKK!

Really?...What am I suppose to do with this mess!

Using headbands in your hair when rocking natural hairstyles is so fashionably cute.  It can take any style from twists, locs, the Afro puff or Bantu Knots and make it look fantabulous!  Some of my BEST hair days have been accomplished from the trusty head band.  The question was though...would I, could able to create a miracle with this bird's nest?  Well, I am a  believer in miracles, and after all it was Sunday.  

First things first, I knew a half-way up-do style was definitely in order, so I needed to clean up the kitchen.  (kitchen – noun. the hair at the nape of the neck that tends to be difficult to straighten.)  Sista girl lingo for shape-up the neckline.  

Ewww...its been a minute huh?

Okay, now I needed a brush, a knee-hi stocking, gel and must not forget the H20.

I wet the brush lightly, because I wanted an textured up-do not a frizzy puff ball.  Applied some gel around the edges of my hairline and brushed upward.  Then tied the knee-hi stocking around my head and tighten while pulling the ends of my hair until I got to the desired position.  

Still looking like Scary Mary you say?  LOL

Time for my miracle working moisturizing lotion.

Only needed about a quarter size amount to work through the scalp and ends of my hair.  Any more than that and I would have ended up with a cotton top up-do.  After getting the moisturizer all worked through, I put on a black headband (the ouch-less kind of course) and finger styled my do.  ...And wah-la!

Not bad after my inital Scary Mary moment.

The side.
When you have a limited amount of time on your hands, headbands can be a lifesaver (they are for me).
Profile ~ This is why I headbands!


  1. yep, the headband suits your do perfectly!

  2. I bought more headbands for myself not long ago. The are indeed very necessary..

  3. You look good!
    And i got me some headbands but i keep forgetting about them...

    Thanks for you sweet comment
    Big hugs from Indiana

  4. I love this post! My hair doesn't know that it's not natural (lol), so I have my fair share of hair-challenged mornings. Your end result came out cute, sis!

  5. Love that post! Your last picture looks so satisfied! I have a funny story about falling asleep with my wet hair wrapped up in a towel. The short story, it was my honeymoon, somebody pulled a fire alarm. I'm outside the room looking like I've already been caught in a fire - no fire...... You did a great job with your hair!! I hair two grades of hair. The good stuff is in the back, the part that won't do right natural is in the front and I don't have a headband forehead or hairline, so I'll pass on the au-naturale!

  6. @May Girl, you ain't nothing, but a word. lol They have helped me out on numerous occasions.

  7. @Leontien Thank you Leontien & also for stopping by. No need for the thanks, you are a true inspiration and we are all in this fight with you. Thoughts of you cross my mind often & I'm praying that a breakthrough regarding your health soon. Always remember that you and your family are in my prayers.

  8. @Antoinette LOL! That's exactly why you should go the natural route. Your hair is already prepping you for the journey. lol. ;o} Thank you.

  9. LMAO@your email this morning!!!! I hope people will get a great laugh if you do. I meant to get back to yesterday after I saw your comment on my blog. Time was not on my side. Girl, I can just imagine what your hair looked like after sleeping in a towel with wet hair. lol Maybe headbands are not for you, but I think you would look good ala naturale! Thank you for the kudos though. I was so upset Sunday morning, did not feel like trying to figure that mess out. Then I said to myself "let me record this just in case it came out decent." The ipad can be a big help or a huge distraction. Watching movies on it in bed before completing my nightly regime proved to be next day hair disaster. lol <:♦{

  10. YES. Headbands are super great and versatile cause you can get and use casual ones or you can get really dressy with them, too.

    I have NO plans to ever go back to the creamy crack. I love my natural hair, even when I wake up looking like The Lion King sometimes. ;)

  11. @Ronni LOL! I hear ya! #loving my natural locks. Have a great weekend!


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