Friday, February 17, 2012

Sneak Peek Friday!

Its almost time to reveal the Autism Awareness t-shirts I've been working so hard on designing.  This task has turned out not to be as easy as I thought it would be.  One reason being that I wanted to come up with something original, and originally gets me every time.  Seriously burning the midnight oil on this project. Hopefully, they will be ready to view in their entirety within the next week and 1/2.  Until then take a sneak peek at what's in store.  This is only one of two designs.  

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Sonya..thank you for popping by, yes i am back and refreshed as ever, however had to deal with two very clingy daughters, which had unable to do much but offer much needed one to time and cuddles. Your designs look great so far cannot wait to see the finished product. I wish people could what happens behind the scenes and the hours of work that goes into our projects. Seems like you need a treat after this...... tight hugs and have a great weekend!

  2. May God bless you for this beautiful project.. I love the awareness many are creating about autism.
    Wishing you a great weekend..

  3. Loved the sneak peak into your design. Can't wait to see how it turns out! She will love them too. Btw I am in the sketching stages for our project, trying not to blog again till my art projects are caught up.

  4. I don't like sneak peeks. I wanna see the whole "thang". What I can see is nice though. I love your "be".


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