Monday, February 6, 2012

Say what???...She learned how to upload a video! Sonya M. Jones Live!

Friday night I decided to take it down about 15 levels.  My daughter & I were in real need of spending some time together.  So, it was kinda fun when the night turned into a hilarious ball of fun goofing around playing with with i pad.  We made videos & took lots of pictures.  This was my first time ever making & uploading a video, so the results were pretty funny.  Out of the many videos we did I decided to upload and show only 2 of them.  The others were a little embarrassing to say the least.  Please excuse my appearance as I don't always look like this.  It was Friday night...just got paid, just washed my hair & set it to wear as a braid-out the next day, and we were chill-laxing.   Hope you like!


  1. Oh my Gosh Sonya! How adorable is that daughter of yours!? Absolutely beautiful, like her gorgeous Mother xx

  2. LOVE-DED it! Miss Sierra BTW is cute! Ya'll -yes I said yall- were funny! I love the layout of the all the shirts below. I do really want to see one of you doing the intricate paint design. That would be cool!

  3. Your daughter had me cracking up! I love that you posted videos. I am not brave enough to post any of myself yet. I always look like I'm dog tired. haha

    Keep posting them!

  4. Thank you Kenya & Lacey. Yea, my daughter is a mess and 1/2!

  5. Sonya your little girl looks really pretty, much more prettier than Good to hear that you spent quality time with your kid. Good job. Hope you have a great day.


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