Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yeah...My First Event Project! ~ "In Jamie's Eyes"

I am proud to announce that Tee-Iabo Designs Hand painted Wearable Art is teaming up with Antoinette Patterson, owner/Event Planner at "Let's Make It Happen".  I was requested by Antoinette to make a t-shirt design for the Benefit Banquet called "IN JAMIE'S EYES" http://www.facebook.com/jamesha1229, scheduled for March 2012 in recognition of her daughter Jamesha aka Jamie.  Jamie.  

Jamesha Lynn Patterson was born on December 29, 2003 with complications and a diagnosis of developmental delay, failure to thrive, epiglottis stenosis, encephalopathy, mild hypoxia, and autism.  As if this wasn't enough a couple of months later Jamesha was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and in 2008 she started experiencing seizures as a result.  In 2010 Jamesha was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Antoinette was told by the doctors that her little angel would most likely not survive after birth.  When Jamesha proved them wrong Antoinette was then told Jamesha probably would not live pass the age of 4.  Well, guess what???  Jamesha is a striving thriving 8yr old dynamo!  


Helping Jamesha in getting the necessary equipment, medicines, nursing care, clothes and things that she needs on a day to day basis has been an ongoing struggle for Antoinette and her husband.  They were denied life insurance for Jamesha because of a per-existing condition.  As we all know its hard to get decent life insurance if you are healthy, so you can only imagine what its like when you're sick or disabled.    The cost of medications, specialized equipment, and frequent specialist visits, can add up quickly.   The fact that they were denied life insurance for Jamesha ignited a fire of determination inside of Antoinette.  Now she is on a blazing mission to raise money through fundraising to aid in caring for Jamesha.  She has also, become an advocate for children with special needs.  Antoinette's mission is to educate, fight for equality, and above all be the voice for these children who can not speak for themselves.  Her primary goal is to raise money towards helping out families that like herself are in need of of financial support.  Antoinette also hopes to  exceed the marketed fundraiser goal each year if possible as a percentage of all proceeds will be donated to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

If you would like to help support Antoinette on her mission here's how:

    Purchase a copy of "Through God, She Made It!"  This is an inspirational story about Jamesha's journey into the world and now.  You can purchase the book online @http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/through-god-she-made-it/9620087

2.    Visit Jamesha's Facebook Fan page @http://www.facebook.com/jamesha1229 and "Like" it.  Also, share her page with your family, friends and acquaintances to help increase awareness about their mission.

3.    Visit Antoinette's website @http://www.antoinettepatterson.com/ and make a donation of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or whatever is in your heart to give.    There is even an online store where you can purchase Jamesha's goodies featuring her brand name logo "Usneakers4u."  Which stands for "Unique Sneakers for you" because Jamie loves her sneakers.  The symbols on her logo represents pieces of  who Jamesha is. 

The puzzle: Stands for Autism, and being able to put the pieces of her everyday life together.  
The butterfly: Through God & our help she can rise above her disability.
The hearts:  Jamesha's family & friends love her so much.
The stars: Jamesha is a Star, and when she smiles...there's a twinkle in her eyes that speaks to you.

Of course my t-shirt design will be one of the featured items real soon!
Below is a pencil drawing of Jamesha's t-shirt design by moi.  Need to send this drawing to my ace Kelly Tisdale of www.activeprints.com to do her vector art thing.  Truly ♥ her!   Availability...real soon!


  1. I love it!! Thank you so much!! May God continue to bless you!! The insurance that we was denied of was Life Insurance, because of her Pre-existing condition..I was told that I would have to get an Annuity if and when Jamesha passes away. Or we would have to pay for her Himegoing out of pocket, her SSI is determined according to my husband gross wages, there are times when we only receive 200 dollars, Medical Insurance is very limited! We can't get the equipment that she needs desperately because Medicaid is undergoing changes, nursing is limited, I don't qualify for nighttime nursing, hours are limited..not only am I donating a percentage to UCPF but to March of Dimes, Easter Seals, Autism Speaks and Epilepsy Foundation ( these organizations and foundations, I am affiliated with)

  2. This is beautiful Sonya. Eight years is certainly a testimony. I'll start off my liking the FB page. I love your artwork.

    P.S. I see you've got the hang of tabs now. Go girl!

    P.S.S. I think I read that GFC ends Friday. There is something new, I tweeted the link. I don't plan on registering but you might be interested.

  3. Who ever says there is no God need to read this. She really is a fighter. God bless her

  4. Hello Kenya,
    Thanks for your comment, Eight years is a testimony, and I tell my testimony everyday that God has blessed her life..each year in her birthday month (December) I celebrate life, by promoting her book the entire month..May God continue to bless you and much love!!

  5. Hello Nina,
    Thanks for your comment..what the doctors did not know is that I KNEW WHO GOD WAS AND IS TO THIS DAY!! I stay prayed up, when she is sick I'm sick!! But I do know that God is Able!! May God continue to bless you and much love!

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  7. @Kenya...lol! Yes, girl I was on a roll last night with the tabs! @Nina...God is awesome always. Thank you both so much for coming by and leaving a comment. It really means a lot.

  8. I am having a blog giveaway :)over at my blog

  9. WE GOT THE HOUSE! They say should close the 17th :)


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