Thursday, January 12, 2012

ARF, YELP!'s me Rags, can you hear me?

Why is it when you have an set agenda to follow something called "LIFE'S MISHAP'S" always gets in the way?  I'm suppose to be know MIA, working on my new designs for the NEW YEAR.  Well this thing called "Life" and a boxer dog named "Perkeyus" threw a monkey wrench in my plans on Tuesday morning. 

My dog Rags who should be named Mozart.
Tuesday morning for my Shih tzu Rags (which I think should have been named Mozart, but that's another story) and I started off with a bang.  I took Rags out for our daily morning walk and on the return walk back home we met up with my neighbor's Boxer whose name is Perkeyus.  Usually, when we see Perkeyus and his brother Julian they are in THEIR yard and an electric fence is preventing us from getting to know each other.  Well, on this particular morning as Rags and I were walking pass their yard my jaw dropped in shock when Perkeyus leaped through the electric fence and ran across the street towards us.  Julian who is more subdued stayed in their yard.  I told myself to stay calm as Perkeyus proceeded to smell Rags as dogs normally do when they meet up.   Then I said to myself "okay this isn't going to be so bad.  Just shoo him away and he'll go back to his yard...right?  WRONG!!!  So, so wrong.  Perkeyus I guess summed up in his mind that Rags was a life sized chew toy and proceeded to maul and chew my dog.  Can you hear me SCREAMING?  No...AHHHHHHHH...can you hear me now???      

It was 7:30a.m and the people in my neighborhood are either getting ready for work or have already left for work.  So, needless to say my pleading screams for help were echoing in the wind.  The neighbors that were home could not hear me because they were in the shower, which I later learned.  Suddenly, Rags let out a bark, then a  yelp, which scared the crap out of me because I thought Perkeyus was killing my dog!   Then what seemed like he came out of no where appeared a neighbor from the adjoining development!  He fended Perkeyus off of Rags by picking him up and throwing him to the ground.  Then dragged Perkeyus back to his yard and alerted the owners who still were unaware of what was happening.  Mind you this man is sixty something years old.  I was like must have had your Wheaties this morning!  LOL  (*this is the short version of the story because Perkeyus didn't give up that easy.*)  You can call me kooky, but I do believe my dog prayed for help & his prayer was answered.  God speaks in all languages!  Even dog!   

I spent the morning at the vet, but my pooch is okay.  Suffered a few nicks and bruises, but nothing that will not heal over time.  He's on antibiotics and pain meds.  So, my work projects got pushed back a bit because Rags needs to be nursed back to health.  The owners were very apologetic and took care of the vet bill.  Boxers are not aggressive by nature, so I really think Perkeyus wanted to play.  At least it might have started out that way.  Big dogs sometimes have difficulty in how to handle smaller dogs therefore owners should be around to control the situation.  I found out later from the policeman who took the report that Perkeyus did not have his electric collar on because get this...HIS owner was CHARGING IT. Can you say full moon!  Smh...


  1. OMGAWD, I am so glad he is ok.. Tinker tries to fight with a pit bull next door :( I am so scared he will reach through fence and drag her through and kill her :(

    Thank the Lord he is fine. Did the owner of the boxer offer to pay the medical bills?

  2. Yikes! A pit bull! Oh, no please keep far away from there. Yes, the owner did pay for the bills and was very apologetic.

  3. Glad everything is ok now. Is been awhile and i guess you are working on your new design. Stopping by to wish you a great weekend.

  4. LAWDHAMERCY!!! So glad Rags prayed while you were screaming! Geez, why would the owners charge the neck thing and let the dogs OUT!!! OMG. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair even though I knew the outcome ;-) Glad everything is okay.

  5. Your poor doggie! I'm glad he's OK! And YAY for a new post from you, even though it was something this scary!

  6. Sonya I have NEVER forgotten this. Since this post we had some people move in up the street with two big dogs. One being a Rottweiler. We ride bikes by there and walk by there. The dogs have calmed down now. But for along time they had white flags around the yard to let people know the dogs were in training. I would be scared every time they would woof up to the line wondering if their collars were turned on and charged. Thanks for linking up with TALU.

  7. Scary! You were VERY lucky that neighbor was home! :( [#TALU]


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