Monday, November 21, 2011

Being Thankful For The Gift Of Today

In today’s world of instant gratification, it seems we’re never ever where we want to be emotionally, physically, financially, and career wise. Contentment often gets redefined as complacency. Finding time to pause, step back, and reassess how far we’ve come often gets interrupted by tweets and status updates from others we feel are already where we want to be.  So as we head into another joyous holiday season, I implore you to take a minute to reflect on your life’s journey so far and pull out those moments, relationships, blessings, intangibles, and/or tangible things you’re grateful for.

10 Things...

1.   My husband: He's my best friend and my #1 fan. 

2.   My Mom: I'm thankful to be the child of a woman whom was very loving and supportive.  My mother is gone now, but never forgotten and always loved.  

3.   My children: Because the love of a child is life's greatest blessing.

4.   My friends: From wonderful acquaintances to true and blue friends I am blessed with knowing a few good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me. 

5.   Accomplishing goals: To one degree or another, I tend to follow through on things. I thrive on having goals to strive for and am happy about the fact I've been able to achieve some of them.

6.    Being financially secure: We're not rich (whatever that is, monetarily speaking), but we're comfortable and have what we need and then some.

7.    Being able to work for myself: Thanks to my hubby's secure job I am able to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.

8.   Good health: Knock on wood.  I've never had any major--or really any--health issues. One can never know for sure what will happen in that regard, but I'm thankful that I've been blessed with good health.

9.     For Today: Everyday I'm able to wake up to another glorious day I am thankful.

10.   Being Me: Never let the deafening sounds of someone's silence at your success or happiness drown out your applause for yourself... You tell yourself "Well done", pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high-five and keep on keeping on... You must constantly be your own cheerleader, even if the only one clapping for you and cheering you on is yourself. 

Sonya M. Jones ♥♥♥

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope!!!  November 23, 2011

  • Sagittarius   Nov 22 - Dec 21

    Your Daily Horoscope

    There is tons of money to be made, piles of work to do, lots of people to obey your every command. Remember, you need to share the rewards as well as the responsibilities! A friend who demands a piece of the action should be given a good chunk of the chores.


  1. Amen!
    some are never thankful for what they Do have...My mom is one ...

  2. Awesome post. It's always hard to remember to BE PRESENT when there is so much to be done.

  3. That was a beautiful thankful post. I still have my mom. She is MY best friend. Otherwise our answers would be pretty much the same. Is #10 a quote or is it all yours. Love that. If I use it at some point I'll credit Sonya M. Jones. Let me know.

  4. Very nice post. You listed almost same things i have in my mind. And i say big amen to it.. Wishing you a great day..

  5. Yay! Adding the Sonya M. Jones quote to my quotes to quote list. I love it!

  6. Wonderful post Sonya. Glad you stopped by my blog. It always brightens my day when you stop by. Hope you and yours have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

    Patricia aka Mamaw

  7. @May thank you & the same to you. @Patricia aww...thank you. Its a pleasure to stop by.

  8. Jacob,and I sent you something but you can not open till Christmas Eve :)

  9. Hi Sonya,

    You followed me earlier today (thank you), so I thought I'd pop by and check out your blog. This is such a great post and it is so true, and so easy to forget! By the way, love the "LOL"!



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