Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Brand New Set Of Wings

My artwork was nothing to write home about in the beginning of my artistic journey.  In fact, it often left me wondering why I wanted to pursue something that I clearly wasn't very good at.  However, I discovered something about myself each, and every time I picked up a paintbrush, pencil, or crayon.  I realized that I was my BEST SELF when engaged in art.  Art quickly grew to become the love of my life, my food, my drink...my air.  

I love my work, and feel so blessed to do what I do!  Very fortunate I am.  Yet, like quite a few artists I haven't found my stylistic niche'.  As an self taught artist I'm always rediscovering myself, trying to find my own sense of style.  As of right now, art for me is more of a spiritual experience.  It's soothes my soul & releases my inhibitions.  It gives me a platform to express myself freely.  Art is my passion.  It's buried deep in my soul.  Unlike humans art is kind, has no judgement, and can never be wrong.  Art is my expression of gratefulness to God.  To one day become a great artist is my dream, my heart, my goal.

I wanted to connect more with my audience on Facebook by sharing my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.  So, in January 2014 I came up with  "#ThrowbackThursday ~ Reflections of My Art & Soul", a tidbit status post about my journey as an self-taught artist, posted on Thursday's only.  Since art has and continues to be the main outlet to express myself I decided that "Reflections of My Art & Soul" would be the perfect name for my blog as well.  

Below is a pic of the pillow design "Freedom Wings" that was also inspired by my soul searching reflections. This design started the ball rolling on a lot of stuff I still have to share.  Stay tuned... 
As far as finding my signature style goes...well this is what I concluded...
I am a self taught artist who enjoys being totally free to create from my imagination without limitations.  Allowing the creator to create through me as he does with all artists I believe. I bring new visions to the world of fantasy and imaginary places. 
And, little by little, from my paint brush...a soul...an image... a piece of art emerges.

Until next time...peace and blessings ♥ 

Sonya M. Jones

This pillow design "Freedom Wings" was inspired by FB tidbit posts "Reflections of My Art & Soul."

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

...And She Returns!

Hello everyone!  After a long, and much needed break I am returning to Blog World!  Probably lost most of my followers, but it's okay...no worries here.  Health & wellness comes first always in my book.  Just spruced up my blogging space & am raring to go!

I have lots of stuff to share with you all.  A lot of exciting things have happened in my world since I blogged last.  I'll be sharing all the highlights little by little.  The #1 thing  I'm still reeling over, for the simple fact that it's still so surreal is about my 1st born graduating High School and now attending college. Yep!  One of my young has left the nest.  Isaiah is attending Kutztown, University located in Pennsylvania right outside of Reading, Pennsylvania.  He is doing well I must say.  However, he is struggling a bit with being away from home and inter-mixing with other students from different backgrounds. I know this to be true because he's been home 4x's already including Thanksgiving.  Right now, college life for him is kinda like dipping your feet in the pool, testing the water before taking the plunge. lol  He'll be fine though. It's all apart of being a freshman. 

Seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms.  Time waits for no man or woman.  Below are a few pics of  us celebrating Isaiah' milestone.  Also, attached is a note I wrote to him on graduation day.  
Until next time...peace & blessings   
Sonya M. Jones

***A Note For My Son...
Today is your graduation party! The final note in this chapter. I know that you will go far in this life, you deserve the best this world can give you, and I know that you will get it. Even though I have to let go, and allow you to discover the world on your own, please know that I'll be there anytime, any place, and anywhere if you need me. You are my heart and soul which I love very much. Thank you for what will soon be on July 8th the best 18 years of my life.

Love you
Isaiah & Sierra Jones...my greatest Artwork ever ~ SMJ
Senior Prom
Graduation Day!

Graduation Party Cake

Mother & Son Dance At Grad Party

College Dorm Move-in Day!  At Kutztown University!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not Saying Goodbye...More Like I'll See Ya Later

Hi everyone!  It's been a little bit since I last blogged, but things have really been busy for me lately.  Not just with work, but also with this every day thing called life.  Unfortunately, I'm sad to inform my followers that this will be "It's A Bee's Life by Tee-iabo Designs" last post for a while.  :'(

It's very hard trying to juggle the roles of wife, mom, entrepreneur, keeping up with social media, and blogging all at the same time.  I really had to sit down to ponder what was most important at this time, and what could be put on the back burner to simmer for a bit.  Blogging made the simmer list sad to say.  Hopefully, I will be able to return one day, this is why I'm not shutting my blog down.  Just laying it to rest for a period of time.

This announcement is bitter sweet as I have made some great friends here.  I'll still pop my head in from time to time & catch up with bloggers I'm currently following.  Keeping in touch with people I've built relationships with is important to me.   

If you would like to follow me & keep in touch with what I'm doing you can find me on the following social media sites:  

"Like Me" on: Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/teeiabodesignshandpaintedwearableartbysonyam.jones 

"Follow Me"  on Twitter ~   https://twitter.com/TeeiaboDesigns

"Follow Me"   on Instagram ~ http://instagram.com/sonyamjones

There's usually lots of stuff being posted on these links about the in's & out's of what's going on in my world.  Hope to see ya there!  Until next time...peace & blessings

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Design Video

Tee- iabo Designs Slideshow

A trip down memory lane...designs I have created over the past year 1/2.  Enjoy!

Until next time...peace & blessings

Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating MLK Day Memories Throwback

Together as a nation today we celebrate, and observe the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  When my children were younger I would bake either cupcakes or a small cake in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday. Then we would read stories & play games that focused on the life/work of Dr. King.  Even though we had the day off from work/school, I didn't want to let an educational opportunity pass by.   I made it a point for them to know who Dr. Martin Luther King was and how he greatly contributed to our country.  I felt it was vital to teach my children about important events in African-American history, and the struggle for civil rights.

Over the years, we’ve learned about Martin Luther King Jr. by listening to his great “I have a dream” speech that took place on August 28, 1963, at Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  We also looked up MLK’s famous quotes, read them to one another, and talked about what they meant.  One of the best ways to teach my children about MLK was reading stories about his life, and work.  Being an artist I believe simple, but beautiful illustrations speak volumes to us.  These are precious memories that I enjoyed thoroughly while spending time with my children.  Nothing truly brings family & people together like a commemorative event.

How do you & your family observe MLK Day?   HAPPY MLK DAY! 

Until next time...peace & blessings


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Peek Into My Window To See How I Paint

So, I decided to take time out to record & share through pics, the process of creating a design.  Fabric painting isn’t rocket science, but the more that you know in advance, the fewer mistakes you’ll make along the way.  Fabric paint is PERMANENT paint. It’s not meant to be removed.  If I make a mistake, it’s now a permanent part of the shirt/onesie/pillow/ - whatever I’m painting.  If I have paint on my hand, and I begin to paint a shirt, there’s a good chance that I’ll get the paint onto my shirt from my hand. Then I would have to reach for my emergency stash of chocolate & rack my brain cells on what to turn that spot into because it was not part of the original design.  This is why me exercising is so important.  I can easily gain 2-3 lbs over a paint blob mishap.  Enough said...now onto showing how I do - what I do:

First, before all else I pre-wash the fabric.  The fabric will shrink, wrinkle & deform if I skip this step.  After washing & drying, I iron the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles.  With shirts & onesies I like to fold them in half long ways to form a crease.  This helps to keep the design centered as I paint.  Now, it's time to paint!  By this time I've already drawn up the design to use as a blue print for outlining it onto the fabric.

1.  I place cardboard in between onesie/shirt to prevent paint from bleeding through to the other side.

2.  Referring to the blueprint, I Paint the design outline using a preferred color.  Sometimes I draw the design with a pencil onto the fabric 1st, then go over it with paint.  Most of the time I freehand with my paintbrush.

3. Fill in design with desired paint colors.

4.  Finally, I heat press the painted design using an iron, and add any embellishments as a finishing touch. 

...And there you have it!  How I do - what I do!  Below are pics of me designing a onesie I completed just before Christmas, along with the finished outcome!   Hope you like!  

Until next time...peace & blessings

Leopard Butterfly

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

White Knuckle Driving Sessions Scores Licensed Teen Driver

Friday, December 20, 2013 my son Isaiah L. Jones got his driver's license!  It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since Isaiah first slid behind the wheel of my burgundy 2012 Nissan, permit in wallet, and I took the passenger seat. (Which, by the way, automatically throws off your equilibrium.  Instead of those mirror signs that say, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," parents of teen drivers unaccustomed to sitting on the passenger side need a little prompter that says, "Teen may not be ready to run over the curb, even though it sure looks like it.")  Xanax should be offered free of charge during this adventure.

Here is my internal dialogue before taking my 16 now 17-year-old son out to drive for the first time:
“OK, Sonya, be calm about this.  He’s a new driver, so be patient and supportive.  Don’t nag.  Focus your suggestions on the big things, like, say the ditch he’s about to run into, and let the little things go, like, say the mailbox he took out before hitting the ditch.  Above all, do NOT be judgmental .”
I really tried to be the calm, supportive Mom when he got behind the wheel.  But, once we actually started moving, I couldn’t help myself.  Impending death, and the threat of crippling property damage lawsuits will do that to you.  “BRAKE, BRAKE, BRAKE!” is what I remember saying most often during our 10-minute drive, although to be honest most of it was a blur.  I’m fairly sure I also mixed in some helpful motherly advice, such as “Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!” and “You see that car there, right? Right?  RIGHT?”

 The more we practiced, the sparser my in-car vocabulary became, dwindling to mostly "Slow down," "Please slow down" and "Isaiah Louis Jones, slow down."  Like other parents-turned-driving instructors before me, I learned that constructive criticism--"Watch out!" "Don't you see that car?"--is not necessarily appreciated.   In fact, it's often met with irritated retorts, such as "You want me to drive like an old lady."  So, I moved on to other coping mechanisms.  When things got hairy, I imagined that all the cars on the road were made of rubber.  Even in a head-on, there would be no dented bumpers, no deployed air bags, no insurance companies to deal with.  Avoidance and denial, generally considered mentally unhealthy, can be good strategies when teaching a teen to drive.

To be fair though, I can't take all the credit.  A lot belongs to my calm, cool, and collected hubby.  Dad, as Isaiah repeatedly reminded me, never gasped, never raised his voice and never, ever screamed "Stop! Stop!" with tears streaming down his face.  But, in between those lessons with Dad, Isaiah logged extra practice with me.  And, all those hours--working our way up from parking lots to alleys, side streets, busy streets and finally freeways--led to him to passing his driver's test.  One teen down, one to go...lawd help me!

Conclusion...my son may have his driver's license, but my right foot still hits the invisible passenger side brake when approaching a stop light.  Maybe by the time he graduates from college my invisible brake will disappear.  Until next time...peace & blessings

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