Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm So Excited...Happy Dance!

Hello everyone! A couple of months & a few holidays have past since I last posted. As hard as I try I can't seem to keep up with posting regular on my blog. day. Like the saying goes..."I'm a work in progress." 

I'm not going to pick up where I left off this time around. Why is that? Well, it's because I have some exciting news that I'm busting at the seams to share with you all! In February, I submitted a pic of my Ocean Design Baby Apparel for a chance to appear in the magazine "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" for their upcoming special issue: "Inspiration Gallery ~ Zen Doodle Workshop." Guess What?! Ya, ya, design was selected! One of my designs is going to be published in a magazine! I'm UBER EXCITED to say the least! 

I don't know the exact month my design will be published, but they did say the submissions were for their upcoming Summer issue.  So I'm gathering it will be June/July.  No worries though, because y'all can bet your bottom dollar people in Tokyo will be able to hear my yelps of joy when it's published! Stay tuned for updates! Pic of the chosen design is attached below!  

Until next time, peace & blessings

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Sailor Boy! ~ Onesie, socks & burp cloth set.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Logo Designer or Nah?

Wow!  The month of February is almost over, and I'm just getting around to writing my 1st blog post for the month.  What can I say?  Art has not been my friend this month.  I've been experiencing a downward spiral of mishaps, so blogging had to take a back seat.  Almost  everything I've attempted to do lately, artistically wise, has flopped the 1st or 2nd time around.  It's as if there's a black cloud over my head.  I think a vacation is in order.  Aruba...take me away! 

Oh well, on a different note let's pick up where I left off in the story about my artistic journey.  After the "Nadine" design I decided to go back & finish up designing the infant wear sets.  Or, so I thought that was going to be the plan.  I made God chuckle yet once again.  I was only able to complete 1 onesie set before I received 2 requests to do something special.  Two different customers wanted me to create logos for their business'.  On the real, logos aren't my thing.  I'm an artist, not a graphic artist.  They are completely 2 different animals!  Logos need to be sized & scaled just right.  Whereas, when I make a design I just draw.  Whatever my drawing fits onto afterwards, that's what I put it on.  I accepted to do both requests because at the time I thought it would broaden my skills as an artist.  Hmm...I don't know if the experience broaden my skills or not, but I do know I was frustrated to the point of where I will think about it 3x's over...maybe 4 before taking on the task of doing another logo again.  

As an artist all I want to do is draw & paint.  It sucks all the fun out of it when you have to worry about sizing the artwork & lettering just right.  Plus, the artwork needs to really to capture the eye of a customer as well as resonate with what the business is about.  This is a lot of mind work.  When I create art most of the time the vision comes from something I saw, heard, or imagined.  I don't think I've really ever had to sit & think of ideas about what to draw, let alone figure out a drawing that will represent a business or theme.    

In the end, one logo worked out, the customer loved it!  The other one did not, which really sadden me because it was the one I like the best.  No biggie though.  This month I'm working on unfinished projects & turning projects that didn't work out quite as planned into something else.  The rejected logo will be turned into a pillow & canvas design.  Down below are pics of the onesie design, and the 2 business logos.  

Until next time...peace & blessings

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Infant Onesie Set Design ~ Mushroom Umbrellas!

Business Logo Design for: Body In Balance, LLC business is based on using several modalities of healing arts. The woman represents wellness/beauty & the water represents the Charka colors.

Rejected Logo Design for a Yoga Instructor. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Work In My PJ's...So What!

I’ve been in business for myself, working from home for what will be 5 years in March.  My work is advertised daily on most social media web pages...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr...etc.  You name it, I'm on it!  I have a business website, business cards, have entered 2 contests, participated in 5 craft selling events, have sold a fair share of goods, and have an active blog.  All I have mentioned has been disclosed on the internet and, blog posts over the years.  Yet, I still get asked the #1 question most Work-At-Home-Moms dread..."So, are you working now, or are you still a Stay At Home Mom?"  Grrr...really???  Kill me already!  I have a job!  So what I can do my job while wearing my PJ's.  Just because I'm not punching a time clock or wanting to punch someone's lights out because they're all chatty before my morning cup of coffee doesn't make my job any less real people!  It's bothersome to remind others that, though my line of work may look to be as fun as a kid in an art class—it’s real work!

Now don't get it twisted!  There's nothing wrong with being a Stay-at-Home-Mom!  They do just as much work as a mom who works outside of the home does, if not more, only without pay.  Becoming a Work-at-Home Mom adds a little more multitasking to your day though.  It's a constant juggling act.  However, what really stings in all of this is the blank stare, or the moment of silence, like someone just died, the person gives me after asking..."Oh, you work from home?  What do you do?"  My response, "I'm an artist." 

Oh....hmmm Blank Look emoticon (Brown Emoticons)

My response coupled with the fact that I consider being an artist work does not score high on the rector scale of career choices with a lot of people.  Why is it so hard for people to accept being an artist as a real job or career choice?  Could it be because most famous artists are dead?  Could it be because my name is not in lights & I'm not mingling amongst the status quo?  Or, could it simply be that people think of "art" as a“hobby", and the term “artist” does not imply that one could be a “professional”, “expert” or “business-minded" individual?  In my opinion practicing art is what you make it to be.  It can be a hobby, but it can also be a successful career.  The choice is yours.  Yes, a career based in art is kinda risky, but isn't life a daring adventure?  Any daring adventure has risks.  You will bump into obstacles for sure, everybody does, but victory will prevail once you've overcome those obstacles.  Not many people find their passion, and are able to make it their line of work, a noted point my hubby reminded me of.  Yeah, yeah...I may never make a lot of money, but for me that doesn't matter.  What matters is that I am happy getting up every day to paint, and draw.  What matters is that I work really hard at my career.  What matters is that I am passionate about the work I create, and the people I work with. Because of all these things, and my successes, it has helped make me who I am... an artist.  I believe in time that I will make a profitable living doing what I love.  Possibly more than I could ever imagine. 

FOR those of US Work-At-Home Moms that work hard not only creating our work, but selling it, keeping the books, marketing, exhibiting and invest in ourselves…SAY IT LOUD, I’M AN ARTIST, AND PROUD!

Until next time...peace & blessings

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Part II of ~ Blooming Irises, Fishy, and Nadine

I'm continuing last weeks post on the story about my girlfriend, Nadine's, t-shirt design.  Instead of writing, I thought it would be more fun to share the video about the inspiration behind the design "Nadine."  Yep, the design is named after Nadine as well as being inspired by her!  

In this video I will be painting, while talking about how the design came to be.  The video is not long...6 mins tops.  I can't stand long videos.  Hope you enjoy!  Big Thank You shout out to the woman who pushed me off the ledge and said...soar...Nadine love you girl! 

Until next time...peace & blessings

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Painting Live with SMJ ~ Tee-iabo Designs "Nadine" Design Part2
Nadine ~ (This t-shirt design is only available as digital print now)
Nadine close-up

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blooming Irises, Fishy and Nadine

I am working on getting back into the groove of things after my son's collision with a guardrail in my car last week.  Kat might be back home soon, hopefully in great condition.  The boy is now back at college after his winter break, safely tucked away.  At least I hope so... #motherstruggles...sigh.

Well, let me pick up from where I left off before my brief interruption.  Like I mentioned in my last art post, the design "Freedom Wings" birthed more creative & detailed artwork.  As some of my readers may know, before taking a hiatus from blog world I started designing infant wear.  I had only completed like 4 sets before making the decision to stop blogging for a while.  After the completion of "Freedom Wings" I decided to design a few more infant sets.  The idea was to complete 10 sets of infant wear while making other things in-between.  Or, so I thought that was my plan. You know how the saying goes..."If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans"  Yep, I made God laugh! 


My friend Nadine, which a have known for about 2 years now, is how can I say...very full of life.  HUGE personality!  She's from Jamacia, but has resided in New York since early childhood.  Nadine is boisterous, charismatic, loving, flirtatious, caring, loves the finer things in life as well as originality.  So, when she discovered what I did for a living it excited her!  Nadine completely fell in love with my craft.  Each time she would see something new I created she would utter "Girl, I want you to make a shirt just for me!  I just don't know what I want yet!  But, as soon as I figure it out I'll let you know!"

After completing 2 infant onesie sets I posted them onto my Facebook business page.  Nadine happened to see the post & immediately wanted to purchase them.  She explained how her neighbor was expecting a baby in a couple of months, and that the onesie sets would make a perfect baby shower gift.  Then just like that...BOOM!...she finally figured out what she wanted me to make as her shirt design.  Okay, so like this design took my art skills to whole other level as an artist!  I ventured into unknown territory, and the feeling of failure was overwhelming.  Nadine pushed me along every inch of the way saying all the while "I'm not worried, I know you can do this."  Stay tuned for my next post about the outcome & the conclusion of Nadine's shirt design!  Posted below are pics of the onesie sets she purchased, and that also led to turning up the heat in my artwork.  

Until next time...peace & blessings   

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Irises in Bloom...Set complete with onesie, socks & burp cloth.

She purchased this one!  ~  Fishy (girl)...Set complete with onesie, socks & burp cloth.

Fishy (boy)...Set complete with onesie, socks & burp cloth.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Boy, My Car, The Accident...Sigh...

Get well soon Kat!

The moment I’ve been dreading since Isaiah started driving has arrived...his first accident!

First off, no one was injured!  My son & the guardrail he kissed with my car are fine.  My Nissan Murano which I named Kat, however, has dents, scratches, and club foot tire. (I am currently praying that Kat's suspension system isn't totally damaged or too expensive to fix.)

I'm not going to lie here, after learning that Isaiah was okay, listened to what happened, and saw my vehicle I did yell at him.  Why?  Well, lets just say like most adult teens, mine has a hard head.  Swears up & down that any worries I have concerning his safety will NEVER happen to him.  Each time I stress any concerns all I ever hear is: "Mom, you worry too much.  Like that's really going to happen."  So, I know that on Monday when I said: "Isaiah be extra careful. The roads are still a bit icy" before he left for his dentist appointment my words fell on deaf ears.  Ten minutes later, after leaving the house Isaiah returns, and yells: "Mom! I need you to come downstairs!"  Once I came downstairs, Isaiah proceeded to tell me that he'd crashed into a guardrail not far from our house.  Then after I learned the exact location of the accident I knew what had occurred.  As soon as you exit our housing development the drive to the main road is a little curvy.  In bad weather such as on Monday one needs to take precaution because the bends tend to be slick.  It's hard for the sunlight to melt the ice on the road leading to/from my house because of the many trees preventing the sun from shining through.  My son being who he is, did not take heed to my words & while bopping to music, I know went barreling down the hill (speeding) the way he does when no one's around.  Hit a slick spot, and...SLAMCRASHSKREEEEECH!  This is why I yelled at him.  In turn Kat was scratched up with small dents starting from her butt (bumper) leading to the front of her bosom (bumper.)  Her driver's side foot (tire) turned outward while in a straight position, which made her unable to drive.  I don't even know how he drove her back to the house.  

I do partially blame myself.  Even though it was late in the afternoon & the ice on the roads had melted except for a few slick spots, I should not have allowed him to drive.  As parents, no matter how much we preach and teach or how many hours of Driver’s Ed are under our teen’s belt, they simply do not have the experience that adults have.  Mistakes will happen.  Some preventable, some not.  Isaiah' irresponsibility will not go without consequences however.  Driving restrictions have been imposed!  Not driving for a period of time & the shake up from the accident hopefully will deem to be a teachable lesson.  Sigh...growing pains can really be expensive.  Can I reverse time & get the toddler stage back...please?  Back then the most that got broken was a toy, and the most I had to worry about was him catching some germ & getting sick.

All in all...on the real, I thank God that he's okay.  Things could have been much worse.  Cars are fixable and or replaceable, financial plans can be adjusted, insurance is there for a reason, but a child is impossible to replace.

Until, next time...peace & blessings ♥ 

Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

The guardrail & road

Kat's scrapes, dents & club foot (tire)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

She Chose To Live Bravely and Flew

Happy New Year 2015!  Hope everyone's holiday season was a good one!  Mine was a little hectic & very busy, but for the most part enjoyable.  Alas, the holiday's are over, decorations put away, and I'm finally able to write my 1st blog post for 2015.  

Picking up where I left off...the pillow design "Freedom Wings."  Who knew that a lady with butterfly wings would become one of my most popular artwork designs to date.  She not only became a pillow design, but very soon turned into a tote bag, and t-shirt design as well. I received quite a few requests for this particular design.  Needless, to say I was ecstatic!  Then it happened...a twister!   

Customer: I love your butterfly lady design.  But, I was wondering, is it at all possible to change her face & hair to represent me? (ethnicity/race 

Me: Hmm...let's see what I can do.  I'll get back to you on this.  

As a self-taught artist I often develop what you can refer to as nervous anxiety when I get a request that  causes me to step out of my comfort zone.  Hence, beginning the struggle of a conversation amongst my 3 persona's...Amateur Artist, Madame Picasso, and Me.  "Amateur Artist" enjoys her comfort zone.  Thinks every piece of art should stay as is after it's completion.  In other words if it ain't broke why fix it?  "Madame Picasso" loves exploring change and the "What If''s."  Her answer to trying something new is always "Sure...why not!  Let's do it!"  Then there's "Me", the ultimate decision maker.  Which is the toughest position to be in, and the hardest job to do.  Mostly because "Amateur Artist" & "Madame Picasso" make very good arguments.  "Madame Picasso" gets her way most of the time which is very nerve wrecking to "Amateur Artist", and leaves "Me" exhilarated and nervous all at the same time.  Often times after the decision is made it leaves "Me" wondering if what was decided was the right thing to do.  Well, in the case of the aforementioned request "Me" did make the right decision!  "Madame Picasso" prevailed & Freedom Wings II was born.   

When "Madame Picasso" scores a WIN  it is a triumphant reminder to not allow the fear of "Amateur Artist" to keep "Me" from spreading her wings & flying.  However, "Amateur Artist" does keep us all grounded & reminds us not to take on things bigger than where we are as an artist.  We have done this on more than one occasion & trust when we say telling someone "No, I can't" is not a bad thing.  The artwork/design "Freedom Wings" helped birth a lot more art pieces which I will be sharing over time.  Posted below are pics of the "Freedom Wings" tote bag, and t-shirt.  Also, the "Freedom Wings II" t-shirt.  Until next time...peace & blessings ♥ 


Tee-iabo Designs (Tee-ah-bow) ~ Artist, Sonya M. Jones designs one-of-a-kind inspiring clothing, home items, canvas art & jewelry. Express yourself..Bee who your are!

Freedom Wings Tote Bag

Freedom Wings T-shirt (hand-dyed)

Freedom Wings II T-shirt (hand-dyed)

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